Arrest Blair for the Iraq invasion so to stop Cameron dragging the UK in a war against Putin. They are lying about Russian threats to the East. They must be scared of lying again.

Tony Blair must be arrested, so Cameron doesn’t do the same mistake: they are lying again about russian threats towards eastern Europe, and only Greece is recognizing it, also the others must tell the truth:


  1. The annexation of Crimea is not illegal because the overwhelming majority of the crimean inhabitants voted for staying with Russia and there’s no reason why the Referendum, again, should be held illegal.
  2. Frank-Walter Steinmeier the german Minister for the Foreign Office said they are lying, the Israelo-Americans again, it’s not Russia that’s threatening the eastern european countries, it’s the NATO forces that are being dragged into provocative exercitation in the Baltic to try and cause an incident and finally start WWIII, the bastards, always the fucking cowardly israelis and neocons who must be indicted and arrested for treason.

Now they want to do it again, lying about the danger and throw the europeans and the americans into an even more devastating war than the previous ones, only because the fucking little jewish neocons and the israelis want to destroy Putin’s Russia on behalf of Rothschild that would like to control its economy.

Greece is right in rejecting the whole pattern; what has the fucking EU given to them? Debts, collapse and immigrants sold as refugees; it is about time, it is necessary that in Greece and Italy and all across Europe simply the authorities stop picking up immigrants and repatriate the ones who entered the countries illegally.

Russia is respecting the Greeks more, much more, than the fake-smooth “friendly” EU that’s totally destroying them and the sooner they totally get out the better.

Arrest Blair so the next british Prime Minister will think twice before pretending to believe to unrealistic supposed threats of the enemies of fucking Zion.


Remember who are the ones who want the aggression to Russia and would like to topple Assad, Lindsay Graham with his Rabbi. I am telling you the truth and you must believe me.

Prevent WWIII stop Cameron and arrest Blair. Russia is not threatening any state.

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