The Role of Edgar Bronfman and the World Jewish Congress in Soviet Union and in the re-virgination of the italian communist politicians for the purpose of Globalisation. It looks like Spectre.

I’ve always asked myself whether Edgar Bronfman Senior the late President of the World Jewish Congress liked to stroke cats like the boss of Spectre, because the whole thing tremendously looks like this.

If you don’t believe me you must read how things really worked and ask yourselves why if everybody knew that the leaders of the communists with ties into Soviet Union were jewish billionaires the likes of Bronfman or Victor Rothschild why many people “protected” the World Jewish Congress and the zionist billionaires from being publicly shamed and accused and then arrested as it must be done.

I translate this article by Maurizio Blondet that focuses on the connections between the then unfortunately powerful italian communist party and the globalist World Jewish Congress, the meeting between Achille Occhetto the last Secretary of the PCI – Partito Comunista Italiano – and Edgar Bronfman Sr and then David Rockefeller, after the meetings the PCI became “Democratic” party, none of its members were prosecuted for the many times they had broken the laws, but…from “communists” they became “privatizers” they did the privatizations of the best assets of the italian state industry which thing the non communist Italian Socialist Party had refused to do.

I do not share Blondet’s mood about his supposed “inutility” as an anti-communist intellectual, he and the other anti-communist intellectuals were very important and decisive instead, but I want to translate the main information this article provides, so to make you understand better I translate all the first part:

From Confession of an intellectual: I am… by Maurizio Blondet:

While I re-run in the book by Gianatonio Valli “Judeobolscevism” the unutterable crimes and the atrocities of communism – in great part facts I knew – I surprise myself thinking about the uselessness of my life as an anticommunist journalist-intellectual. For how many decades have I ( with others, better than I) fought against communism diffusing information about its crimes? At least three. For thirty or forty years we fought, in elected minority, against the marxleninist philosophy – ideology, we showed its fallacy, we fought it on the plan of the ideas and of the thoughts; we debated, published books, articles: all useless – it’s untrue Ed.Notes, but that’s the mood of Blondet’s article I told you – .Useless. The italian communists – a good 30% of the population voted PCI – Italian Communist party Ed. Note – and another 10% the parties more on the left, more totalitarian – they remained hermetically closed in their faith, untouched, refractory to our arguments, ideas, information that proved the failure of the system they arded to bring also to Italy. More impressive it was the intellectuals: 80% at least sympathised for the red totalitarianism. They exalted Fidel, waved Mao’s red booklet. They occupied University chairs, journals, tv, editing presses; the entire “world of culture” -also this is untrue btw ed.notes- was in their hands; the horrible Piccolo Teatro by Streheler was the place where the powerful CGIL – the italian most powerful trade union ed.notes – called up the workers paying their tickets so that the “masses” could drink the brechtian verb ( and saved Streheler from the empty chairs).

Journalists, intellectuals, actors and professors used continuously and with cool competence the marxist categories and terminology, they adopted fully and continuously the historic materialism as a means to interpret the world. In the universities (then) famous teachers broke us students with infinite exegesis of The Capital, of the Grundrisse, of “What to do?” by Vladmir Ulianov Lenin, as in the Middle Age one applied oneself to the exegesis of the Evangel or Aristoteles: Ipse Dixit. I believe nowadays young people, let’s say the people in their thirties, cannot even imagine how, in the italian culture, the unique communist thought dominated and triumphed.

And how we, the intellectually antagonist minority, were censored, derided, assaulted – also physically – and excluded from the centres of diffusion of culture. They occupied all the space. Not even the coming out of “The Gulag Archipelago” by Solgenitsyn – the full, documented and non confutable revelation of the concentration soviet universe – could shake them; they refused to read “that reactionary, that christian fascist – notice how the Jews-led marxists reveal to be anti-christian Ed. Notes – in the sitting rooms, the intellectuals “à la page” boasted about not having read it. The cultural system managed even to delay its publication in Italy if I can remember well.

Monolithic, unattackable, seemed to us and was the Communism. And abruptly, one day disappeared.

Puf! Gone. Vanished.

From Stalin to Rockefeller – via Bronfman

And obviously, not because its adepts were convinced by our ideas and touched by our philosophical battles. No, we cannot boast about at all of having won communism with our articles and documented information. We didn’t convert not even one of them. What was, then?

Obviously, the collapse of the soviet system – like the EU Ed.Notes – But this is not sufficient to explain the rapidity and ease with which entire legions of politicians, writers, theater actors, cinematographers and ideologues dismissed the marxist habitus  and all the luggage of convinctions and studies on which they had focused their life, their prestige and built their careers, for thirty or forty years. I mean: the fall of soviet communism was an enourmous tragedy (as Putin rightly said); but precisely for that, one would expect, on the side of those ones, a minimum of elaboration of the mourn, signs of dismay and of pain; after all, among them there were a lot who had wept for Stalin’s death.


Achille Occhetto last president of the italian communist party and first president of the new democratic party (Renzi’s) with Giorgio Napolitano who would become first ex-communist president of the Republic who appointed Renzi PM against our italian will.

But what a mourn. I can still remember with admired astonishment the easy speed with which Achille Occhetto, chief of the then biggest communist party in the West, went to visit the “canadian” billionaire Edgar Bronfman chief of the World Jewish Congress, to make himself and the PCI legitimized by the the powers of global capitalism. Bronfman, who other than being the owner of Seagram (Whisky) he was also honoured by the regime of East Germany with the maximum communist honour, the Star of Friendship of the People, he had already made the same service to Gorbaciov; few hours later the encounter with the jewish billionaire – May 1989 – Occhetto met (I quote from Repubblicathe lefty newspaper owned by the jew Carlo DeBenedetti Ed.Notes –) “David Rockefeller” was interviewed by “two major US newspapers: The Washington Post and the New York Times” paid homage “to the cemetery of Harlington where the Kennedy brothers rest, and to the fallen of Vietnam” , and then was busy with “a  dense series of talks with exponents of the Congress” USA. He held also “public conferences at the Carnegie Endowment for Peace of Washington, and at the Council on Foreign Relations”. I think it’s useless to specify that in that profitable journey, Occhetto was accompanied by only one other exponent of communism: Giorgio Napolitano.He exited from it, he and the Party, white-bleached and legitimized to take power in Italy in the place of the DC (Christian Democracy a major ruling party in Italy till 1992 ed.notes) : obviously after free elections. Helped, it’s true, by the brave judiciary that, with geometrical synchronicity, swept away the parties that were potentially competitors, the DC of Andreotti and Forlani and the PSI – partito socialista italiano aka italian socialist party ed. notes – of Bettino Craxi with the legendary operation “Clean Hands”.

It was the most acrobatic and admirable jump on the carriage of the winner I’ve watched in my life. Abandoned the working class to the hail of globalisation and to the competition of the chinese, mexican, rumanian salaries – the deindustrialization, the wage-massacre of the “proletariat” – the PCI dedicated itself to defend more comfortable “oppressed minorities” : the fags, and the public sector parasites, first of all. But the really amazing point was the new attitude of the party-managers and of the “lefty culture” in its entirety: the communism and its history of blood and glory, wasn’t of their concern anymore. Its crimes, the millions of deads – crimes that the executives of the PCI and its organic intellectuals had justified, had actually claimed as necessary steps of the “dictatorship of the proletariat” in the advancement towards a “society without classes” in half a century of debates and dialectic (and also physical) clashes with us anti-communists – had nothing to do with them anymore. Since then, none of them ever happened to use the marxist language: and it’s people who attended for years the “school of political formation at Frattocchie”, where of that language and that philosophy one was drenched. They had become white paper. To me it happened to quote Marx, to defend his critique of global Capitalism ( a really prophetical pars destruens) to them it never happened. Dalema bombed his old comrade Milosevic with NATO, and bought a yacht for regattas worthy a pair of billion lire, as if he had never read the sardonic sentence by Karl about ” the way of existence that creates the conscience” (I translate: who lives as a rich one, thinks and judges as a rich one and defends even the most unjust of the social systems, because he perceives it as natural and worthy – or because he can’t think about living anyway else or wouldn’t be able to adapt I’d add ed. notes). And Walter Veltroni? “I was never a communist”, he said. And he was card owner of the PCI since he was 14 years old. He thought he had the card of a bowling club.


The long article in the italian original I have linked above goes on, but I stop the translation here, because the rest is a bit philosophical and now I want to focus on something else: why Rothschild and Bronfman who were clearly the leaders of the communists inside the western society were never attacked by the powerful anticommunist leaders. Victor Rothschild was on the verge of being arrested but then was released, Bronfman I think was never indicted. These people, after having tried with real communism to destroy the world now are trying with a soviet union style EU, that was temendously hit and rightly so by the Brexit and it’s the people, together with Soros, the Ayn Rand Foundation, another jewish association, and with a little hand by David Miliband, who clearly organized the “refugee crisis” to displace muslims in millions in the traditionally christian lands: Europe and USA, helped by Obama who’s also suspected of being a communist. It is time these people, all of them, no matter how high their social position may be: Rothschild, Soros, Bronfman, Kissinger and the ones I can’t remember the name of to be indicted and arrested, we must stop them and take back control of the West.

If the West shouldn’t be “christian” (and I think it should, instead), I don’t see why then Israel should be jewish, if they like multifaith societies why don’t they transform Israel into a multifaith state? Anyway, these people must be fought off, to better do so, I suggest strongly to eliminate from the political board all the people connected to them: the remainers, Theresa May, Cameron, Osborne and that strange mean guy of Mark Carney from the Bank of England, in Italy all the PD and SEL or the same guys with another name must disappear. It is the best thing to get a total Brexit government in the UK, a patriotic Governor of the Bank of England, because Draghi and his likes are plotting against the sovereignty of the national banks, but that’s another story that requires an entire article for itself. We must win and we will win, I believe October will be a right wing October. We must win everywhere.


The West is the land where christians are the majority and we must set up officially christian state/s because they work much better than others. Everybody no matter how much they boast about their culture in reality want to move into states where christians are the majority because they are more comfortable thanks to Jesus Christ’s teachings and blessing.

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