Theresa May cannot be PM or Tory leader, or else at this point why should Osborne and Cameron resign? May is the coward version of them. The new Leader must be a brexiteer.

leadsom I don’t understand the fuss about Cameron’s resignation and Osborne’s end of career “he’s an ex-chancellor” they said, if Theresa May could be PM. The difference between Theresa May and Osborne is just that Osborne hid less and exposed himself and his political destiny more till the point he went from being the almost certain next-Tory PM to have burnt his own career like Cameron. What I mean is: if the point for the resignation of Cameron and Osborne is that they supported Remain and Leave won then which is the point of letting May lead the country? Towards what? Nigel Farage comes back, he probably will, and UKIP takes the Right wing votes, if you haven’t got a brexiteer like Gove or Johnson or Leadsom, then between May and Osborne you could keep Osborne, I don’t get what they’re doing at this Tory one-more-snake-than-the-other Party. Let me see through this pattern: “Osborne must resign, Cameron is toasted and…Theresa May PM?”. Is it me strange or is it you strange? The only thing Thersa May did was to “spare” herself letting the others fight and lose and get burnt and moreover she lost; Cameron, Osborne, Gove, Boris Johnson were all best friends, schoolmates and for this Brexit thing they almost ended the most stable and long term friendships, it must have costed, some of them got personally humiliated, egged, heckled, insulted, Farage’s wife had to revert to her maiden name, Farage’s daughter was menaced with death threats, Corbyn had to face a mutiny, and he won, I’m glad, so after all this fight the crown of Leader should be given to the coward? What’s the message for the young Tories? You want power? Spare yourself, don’t fight, hide, be ambiguous and while the others put their lives and careers at stake you, the cunning one, then will come out and command. No. Re-do everything. I mean it, if Theresa May can be PM then also Osborne can be PM or Cameron could stay where he is.

But Brexit won, it’s better to have a Right wing Tory at the lead, They say Boris Johnson sent a message to Andrea Leadsom to have her in his team but the message didn’t arrive, they say many things, from John Redwood’s diary I read that many countries and business leaders are ready and willing to make trade and investments pacts with the UK that no one in their right senses want any tariff on trade with Britain, that the EU commission is on collision with the member states, primarily France because it wants to decide tariffs and trade deals with Canada without consulting the member states and this is disgusting, the four of Visengrad and Austria said they’ll never give the commission the power to decide on how many immigrants and what kind of immigrants they have to take while Renzi, the disgusting human smuggler we have in Italy as PM continues on behalf of freemasonry to take african immigrants, so what? Britain must lead the europeans out of the EU, which is in the hands of communist masons who want to fill it with african and asian immigrants; it is disgusting and the EU must close definitely while in Italy real Democracy must be restored.

So, Tories, choose a right wing brexiteer as next leader and PM, I wanted Boris Johnson, Michael Gove and Andrea Leadsom to be in the same super brexiteers’ team, they didn’t do the dream team but now they must provide a right wing solution or else Farage comes back and you know he can take so many Labour votes, the dispossessed who voted Brexit, as Right wing Tory votes, even, let’s say so, the aristocracy who did want Brexit, because in reality the situation came out to be this: the real high level “aristocratic” part of the establishment and the people wanted Brexit while the middle class of the establishment the stupid marxist professors with their even more stupid students and the Rothschild/Mandelson jewish middle class of the establishment wanted to stay: they lost and we are happy, if the Tories don’t give a brexiteer as a leader we’ll have Farage PM, for me it’s ok and I’ll tell you more: a Right wing coalition Tory – UKIP is possible, the BNP must enter the Parliament and all this must not be perceived as scandalous. Remember that we are winning in Austria. Next October will be blue October.

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