What will Zuckerberg do? Israel externalizes the guilt and tries to put the blame for terror attacks on facebook instead of recognizing they have left the Palestinians with nothing to lose.

Facebook-IPO-Mark-Zuckerberg-528 Israel Vs. Facebook, the temptation to externalize the guilt for their mistakes is very high. Instead of recognizing that the israeli policies have become the more and more uncompromising with the Palestinians, that one former Prime Minister Tzipi Livni is indicted for war crime, instead of saying sorry for bombing Gaza, which is like the italian state bombed Palermo because there are mafiosi hidden in a street of it, after cold blooded assassination also of girls, now if the Palestinian terrorism unfortunately rose  again, now the likes of Ayelet Shaked or Avigdor Liebermann put the blame on facebook.

I’d like to explain to the Israelis that they are losing one by one all friends, included the one who’s writing, I’m an ex-philo-israeli, I can’t tolerate the level of anti-non jews attitudes, against christians, like me, who should stay in Israel “to serve the jews” why in Italy or Europe in general the jews are here to “serve the christians”? Or rabbis who tell the Israelis plainly that they are superior as jews to the other human beings, till the point of promoting, and without being indicted for hate-crime, that to kill non jews, like me or anyone else, is like killing animals. Now all these things count, the Palestinians have to endure this continuous insult in the name of the Holocaust and this is unbearable, they have gone crazy and they killed an innocent, a little girl of thirteen. But the rise in coldness and detachment towards Israel by the ones who don’t live there, in many cases jews, and extremism by the people who live there they have to relate it to the inner situation.

Facebook has got a high standard of freedom of speech, even though there were complains about censoring links to TTIP information and the row about anti-conservative news bias. It is unacceptable that only the SITE by Rita Katz posts videos of jihadis and terrorists while anyone else should hang on this strange woman Rita Katz that’s probably controlled by Israel itself. It is certain that freedom of speech must be granted. It’s the fascist, the real fascist, who always want with an excuse or another to limit free speech “you mustn’t say that because otherwise there’s terrorism for your fault” No, dear, there’s terrorism for someone else’s fault, also in Britain they have tried, uselessly to put the blame for Jo Cox killing on free speech. Real fascism starts with the end of freedom of press and this is a historical data, real democracy begins with the restoration of freedom of press and speech. I hope team facebook resist the challenge and keep high the standard of freedom of speech on the platform, we all saw the result in Sweden where the leftists managed to censor the rape news, not to play into the hands of the right – that’s their true problem, not to lose next general elections and to keep power, their real main problem – and the rape cases grew exponentially. We don’t accept this.

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