HC Strache, the Captain of the austrian patriots, what did he say to the austrians to convince them to vote Right? Read here the translation in english of a piece of a passionate political speech and why the left is cooked.

HC Strache, aka the Captain of the austrian patriots, to all the people who want to understand the magnetic fascination and victory of the austrian Right I give the opportunity to read a translation in english of a piece of a passionate political speech that has destroyed the left and the masonic-led media. He’s a very energetic man, a great fighter ad talks straight. They, the FPOe, won against freemasonry, Brexit won against Freemasonry, this is the time of our victory, we are more powerful than the Illuminati. But what I don’t want is that the difference of language gives the evil left the possibility to defame from  a country to another the rightwingers who say pretty much the same things in all western countries. It is the proven evidence that western culture exists, but it is not what the EU wants. I support the teaching and learning of english as a means of communication among people who have different mother tongues, I had the privilige to study also german and french and since I do love the West I want the english, the austrians, the germans the french and obviously also us italians to be friends with one another. Do not allow the left to put you against the right wingers of the other countries, here’s the words of Strache to the nation:

” It is beautiful when one experiences so much support…we must bring Norbert Hofer to the Presidency so that this red-black robotic system can be broken…It’s the responsibility of the politicians to be there for the citizens and not only during the elctoral campaign, but always, it is good that we feel so much at ease among the people and not like those politcians who cannot stay together with the people because they live in another world.

This red-black government thanks to the woman who happens to be german chancellor brought to the point that one million people came towards Austria, without borders-control, without guarantees for security, without passports control, without taking fingerprints, without taking photos, it’s unbelievable, this must change. More than one million.

Our laws were broken, our security was put in danger and they instead of solving the problems have tried to sue us for defamation, while they have acted knowingly against the law. They say there were refugees, but those were not refugees in the sense of the Geneva Convention and one has got to clarify what are the refugees in the meaning of the Geneva Convention: people who are prosecuted for political, religious or racial grounds those are refugees according to the Geneva Convention and they as soon as they are in a safe land, they must ask asylum there, they haven’t got the right, when they find themselves in a safe land, and Turkey counts as a safe state in the world, they haven’t got the right to travel through safe lands and say: “I don’t like to stay here because the Greeks haven’t got enough welfare state” and can go to Austria, Germany or Sweden and after one hour they are here can ask €800 in benefits, no one can understand this, dear friends. I can’t explain to our grandparents that they can’t get the benefits after having worked for years and others who come here for a misused right to asylum get benefits without having worked one hour. There is something that doesn’t work in this system. This crisis is a self created crisis by this red-black government…”

You may not believe it, but at this point the church bells start ringing, and Strache makes a pause and dedicate the pause to the christians who are prosecuted for their, our, faith.

I’ll go on translating other pieces of his and other right wing good politicians. We must defend these people from the attempted defamation of the marxists, these politicians are our security and the future of the West.

I attach the video of the speeches, the part I translated starts moreover at 40.00, I know I had the habit of translating and putting subtitles to the videos, but the system of my computer is not working properly, I’ll try to do the video with subtitles again because I understand it is better. Wait for more. And stay united.


These men saved Democracy from the left that had rigged the elections. The left wants to abolish democracy also in Britain, see what they’re trying to do for the Brexit referendum, it is necessary that we win.

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