Good News: A Part of the Establishment is with us. Rupert Murdoch at a Garden Party with Farage.

LilyAllenMurdochFarage For me who have always been an imperialist child to fight against the establishment, I did it, but I never really enjoyed being the underdog, I am and I probably shall remain an imperialist; I just didn’t like the masonic power, I’ve always liked Julius Caesar, though I prefer the Republic, it’s a preference, I quite enjoyed Queen Elizabeth’s support for Brexit and I’m enjoying important people supporting Farage. I would enjoy if they supported Nick Griffin too. I’ve always liked western nice cool and pretty joyful modernity and I know it’s very much worthy fighting for. Outside of it there’s no real life, it’s a purgatory.

So I like Murdoch’s support for Brexit and also the nice garden party with Farage, so we have Trump, Berlusconi, Murdoch, The Queen what else? I’m too hedonist to like the fight for the survival, I like the fight for the fight, as it is kind of swordmanship, but that’s sport with no deaths and it’s very entertaining, If I can take it easy I rather do it. As a web editor I support, back and praise all the people who help us keep the West christian and happy and easy to live.

Thanks Rupert.

I also know Murdoch defended the Christmas fests taking place in the world and on the media when the dark goblins of freemasonry wanted to abolish it “for peace in the world” obviously. I think we ‘ll win. I feel it.

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