I am tempted by Andrea Leadsom. Brexit now, Farage in and even support by BNP: this is a Right wing’s dream.


I said I support Michael Gove for the premiership of the Tory Party, I read Simon Heffer’s article on the Telegraph that wishes Gove premier, Leadsom Chancellor and Liam Fox at the Foreigh Office; they have very valid people in the Tory Party, it’s true, but now Leadsom is tempting me into backing her to the top as PM. She even didn’t rule out to have Farage in the negotiation team for the Brexit and this may mean Farage the patriot in the government. She offers more than Gove. Farage in the government is the end of the marxist jewish-masonic nightmare. End of the political correct era: we are free. To say what we like first of all. I am free to say what I like, but I have read a piece from Breitbart London about poor french right wing activists arrested in the fatherland of Charlie Hebdo, -but weren’t they all “Je suis Charlie” in France? favourable to free speech btw?- We must support and bring in power right wing politicians so they cancel the hate speech laws and give us back total freedom of speech or keep it where it exists but the leftists put it in danger. After Farage also Nick Griffin and Tommy Robinson must be in condition to enter the Parliament, Tommy Robinson was arrested for hate crime for the slogan “F**k ISIS” you understood, it wasn’t written “F**k Islam” it was written ISIS, which is a terrorist association. And they called it “hate crime” too, they are crazy and it is necessary to have right wing politicians in the parliament to revert all these wrong laws, also the laws that allow gay adoptions and the gender anthropology at school. A main supporter of Leadsom opposed gay marriage and supported freedom of religion, basically supported the opinion that the bakers shouldn’t write “Support gay wedding” against their will, this means Leadsom team is the purest, the best, she’s voted from the left by the ex labour supporters abandoned by the new labour party and from the right by  some BNP members, ukippers and Arron Banks, the mythical donor of UKIP: we can save ourselves with this lady, if she’s competent as they say, she might be the best really. We may have her as Prime Minister and Gove as Chancellor and Farage in the Cabinet and then open the door to Griffin and Robinson. Apropos, but how is it possible that to write F**k ISIS is hate crime? ISIS is reported, if all the story is true, but anyway it is reported as a cruel clan that beheads people, rapes virgins, tortures… why is it “hate crime” to write that thing?

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