The Privilege.

AlexJonesToday I was thinking about the difference between Owen Jones and Milo Yannopoulos, while Milo says clearly: “I don’t want too many muslims around not to get hanged or thrown out of a rooftop the way they do where muslims are the majority” Owen denies, refuses to relate the killings of homosexuals by muslims to Islam and muslim immigration. And says: “the problem is homophobia” denying Islam has anything, as such, to do with it. It is true that christians are against gay weddings and adoptions, me too, but muslims kill. I don’t believe there’s a lot of philosophy in their positions, I believe if they relate Islam to misogyny and killings of homosexuals they get sacked, so they shut up not to lose the wage. I believe if you really look for some more philosophical reasons, in the 80% of the cases you won’t find any. “They sack me if I say it” that’s the reason. I think at this point that the privilege belongs to us. Paul Joseph Watson, Alex Jones, even I are really the privileged: we can say what we like and we find ways of supporting ourselves the same, this is the “Privilege” and I reached the point to believe many of the people apparently well off, in reality they envy us. They feel trapped. Why we can and they can’t? It’s a privilege. We should fight but not judge. It’s like saying “Why Charles is Prince of Wales?” It’s a privilege and he should do the best he can of it. As we. I am convinced we ‘ll win. The people are seeing that we are free and that people thought powerful and intellectual “gods” in reality are kind of “slaves”, I wouldn’t like to be in their place.

A cunning commentator commented on Owen Jones’s departure from the sky interview: “I also would feel guilty if the culture I defended for twenty years wanted to kill me”. The culture I defended? The culture I brought in. Which is even worse.

We mustn’t judge them like Our Lord Jesus Christ said: “don’t judge” but we must rule, because we are the privileged who are free. Everybody has the right to try to survive and needs the money by the end of the day, but the rulers must not be blackmailable.

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