Brexit destroyed the “Safe space” culture and the “No Platforming” culture of new students: they cannot debate, they lose in the debate and then? They would like to win with 48%. On which base?

MarchBrexit How many times did the serious columnists, right wingers, anti political correctness people and common sense Johns say: you cannot expect the world to be a “safe space” and “no platforming” space for silly students who don’t want to debate and tried and in some cases obtained that people who held opinions that they didn’t share couldn’t talk in their universities? can you remember Tim Stanley and the shut down debate about abortion in Oxford? Yes. What did we say? University students should learn precisely how to debate with people who hold the very opposite opinion of theirs, if they have to become Prime Minister or MP or even PR how can they possibly do it if they get used to “safe spaces” at university where no one contradicts them or if they manage to prohibit debates with people whose opinions they dislike? They couldn’t. The sad losers of the remain camp are precisely the safe space guys who lost at the very first impact with reality. One of them, even carried the banner, ridiculous according to democracy, “We are 48%”, in fact we are 52% instead and we won. What do you want? To win with the minority? They were absent during the referendum campaign. I was thrilled, excited, anxious, depressed with the polls, shot living with the result. And I’m italian. One of them said literally: “I woke up one day and my country was changed.” You woke up one day? And where were you in the previous six months? No reading newspapers? No reading bloggers? No debate at university or debating only among remainers? What did you do? Party, drinking, safe – so to say – sex, hangover and one day your country is rightly outside the EU. Less safe space and no – NO Platforming would have taught you how to debate, you don’t win with the 48%. And people who live in other parts of the country or have to work cannot spend their life strolling around London. A march is a march, but it isn’t a referendum, some other people have a job and have a family or simply live far from London, marches are welcome, but cannot substitute elections or referendums. It would be about time a new De Gaulle declared “The Carnival is over” and triggered article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty. Could it be Cameron?

Are you happy about the result? You should. The FTSE 100 is up instead of down and do you know why? The big banks HSBC and Barclays declared they won’t move anywhere and do you know why? The answer is a simple as this, shiver: because the UK god rid of the EU. Not the EU of the UK, the UK of the EU, the EU, the real one, had become so stiff and indebted that it was defined a ball and chain. This one: palla al piede

This is why Barclays and HSBC won’t move anywhere and the FTSE 100 is up and the pound is more than ok.

Come on, you’re luckier than you deserve. Child.

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