In Austria they re-do the elections, the far right must win ’cause we must remove the clandestine immigrants and stop the influx.


Heinz Christian Strache

The far right, or what the leftists call “far right”, which is in fact the same as the socialist parties in the eighties, must win everywhere ’cause we need, we must remove all the undesirable illegals who are around Europe and shut the borders and revert to “our” normality: no political Islam whatsoever, no clandestine immigrants treated lie war refugees and so on.

It’s a great victory for democracy that the judges gave right to Strache because Strache and Hofer were right, Heinz Christian Strache said he could prove 16 years old and foreign people were made vote: this is the left, this is freemasonry; their “values”, we must stop them and take over. Everywhere, from Austria to Italy to the USA, this programmed invasion must be reverted. We’ll never be ready for “sharia tribunals” and “minor forms of FGM” by luck there are also good politicians, Hofer, Strache, Farage: get ready to back them. Also Marine Le Pen of course. All of them.

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