I don’t really believe young people overwhelmingly voted for the EU, this website is Right wing and pro-Brexit and I’ve got 60% of the readers under 34, top interest: Sport. Lord Rothschild is 80 year old and Soros 84. I believe they lied.

I am suspicious of all this fuss about young people voting for the EU and old people voting Brexit, I don’t believe in the existence of this divide.

I am an editor after all, I wanted to check my own readers and I would expect a Right wing pro-Brexit website according to Soros, who’s himself 84 years old or Baron Jacob Rothschild, top EU supporter,  a child of 80, well I should have a majority of white middle aged men.

Instead the people between 18 and 34, the young and strong, and also quite active being their top interest sport, make up to 61% of the readers, the only thing they guessed is that there is a majority of males 54,15% against 45,85% females. It is true that the icon is this: a man in the full of his virility definitely sporty, this symbol might have attracted his likes

My most frequent reader is a man between 25 and 34 interested in sport. The ethnicity is not specified but I’ve got readers from basically all across the world, mainly USA, UK, all the various european countries, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Russia at times, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, China and some african, asian and south american countries…Be careful, the future is rightwing.

Age of F&FW Readers:

27,50% 18-24

33,50% 25-34

15,50% 35-44

12,50% 45-54

5,50% 55-64

5,50% 65+


  1. Sport-individual sport-running
  2. Computers and electronics
  3. Sport-individual sport – cycling
  4. food and drink
  5. travel tourism, historic buildings


54,15% males

45, 85% females.

While the leaders of the remain campaign were clearly George Soros 84 years old and Lord Rothschild 80.

This chasm they talk about may be either greatly exaggerated or set up on purpose ’cause they don’t accept what’s clear from my statistics: the future is Right wing and also sporty. Get over it.

There is also a special message for those feminists who try to convince women that “If you sign with a femine name, men won’t read what you write, because they are sexist”. Basically they know it is untrue, men, particularly Paul Joseph Watson, not to talk about “Privileged” Evan Delshaw, read continuously what they write, if they agree with it or not it’s another story…


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