Dear Boris, thanks for what you did for us. We miss you, but Michael wasn’t a traitor, if you wanted to give the places in your team to the remainers. Top Academic, author of Black Swan, says you were right as a Brexiteer.

Nassim Taleb, top Academic, author of renowned book “Black Swan” is with us, he said we are right and the people are not stupid, they know globalisation is no good for them, it’s good for someone else, so it’s untrue they “don’t understand” they understood perfectly. This is for you Johnson, the remainers were wrong, Theresa May on top of the list of the wrong people, by experience as an italian I have seen people who were wrong as communists or “young communists” now destroying Italy as “democratic”: Federica Mogherini, Matteo etc. These people must lose power, you cannot recycle them hoping they have understood, you must put them off the power table, ergo Michael Gove, if you Boris wanted to fill your team with remainers, he’s right, I can’t call him a traitor. But before my personal right wing italian frustrated with Brussels fed up I can’t get it anymore and I am winning moreover next rant, I provide you and my other readers an intellectual, university professor, cosmopolitan, he’s from Lebanon and works in the US, opinion that says you were right when you were a brexiteer:


University professor Nassim Taleb, author of best selling book about economy “Black Swan”

Source: Britain has started a Revolution… from

“Nassim Taleb – author of the renowned Black Swan book – said people are sick of being told how to think by hapless Eurocrats who “couldn’t find a coconut on coconut island“.

The respected Lebanese professor said Brexit has sparked the “beginning of a revolution” because people have seen through the posturing of unaccountable elites who “don’t know what they’re talking about“.

He said the entire world has grown tired of a sneering elite which has spent the last few decades “patronising the bottom 30 per cent” whilst vastly enriching itself.

(…) working class people “are intelligent…and they realise globalisation doesn’t pay for them, it pays for someone else”. (…)

They’re tired of that and it’s a rebellion. And it’s very justified because that elite doesn’t have the intellectual level that you would expect. 

Economists can’t predict anything and are pretty much incompetent. The social scientists aren’t really scientists.

“With the elite we’re not dealing with people with huge intellect. There is some kind of paternalism, telling people how they should be voting by people who can’t find a coconut on coconut island.”

And it’s maybe good news because we’ll be able as US citizens to go and work in the UK without having to bypass the EU. There’s an anglo-American economy that’s very robust.”

When I – I’m back as Paola – think about the italian Mogherini who knows nothing about security “having” to organize the supposed EU Army, and Juncker who was once asked: “what do you think about the hotspots for immigrants in the mediterrenean?” he didn’t know what the journalist was talking about, had to ask an aide and then gave as an answer: “I don’t judge, we must consider…” I mean, the lack of democracy didn’t possibly give us the “experts”, there are no experts there are “blessed masons” who destroyed already a lot of previously flourinshing economies. You were right Boris, if you repented I am sorry, but truly, you might not have realised it, but you were right then.

Andrea Leadsom is way better than Theresa May, the latter seems to belong to the club of these “strange women” and ex-communists who want to get us ready for legalized sharia and wouldn’t stop mass immigration, we had to stop them, like the communists in the eighties, we had to stop them they alone wouldn’t, and I know we mustn’t leave them spoiling our society any longer, they are weak, treacherous, have no bone and no morality, they live like modern independent people, but are ready to give the little girls to the sharia tribunals and patrols of tomorrow, or even hinting society might accept “minor forms of FGM” for the sake of multiculturalism… they are “pure” careerists, nothing else than their careers, not even their own daughters, exist for them. You defeatet them, you know you should be glad.

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