I support Michael Gove for the leadership of the Tory Party. There’s no turning back from Brexit and we need people who do it all the way.

Gove Michael Gove is a man of principle, with an intelligent wife. I don’t understand the tentativeness of Boris Johnson who wants to “unite” the country, he cannot give part of the victory to the remainers. I would have supported Boris Johnson, but he retired after seeming almost to be saying: “Sorry if I won. I didn’t mean that much, people believed me and now want Independence really”. Yes, of course. The top jobs in the Cabinet must be given to pure brexiteers, Theresa May surprised me saying: “some muslims benefited from sharia laws” after also Federica Mogherini, EU commissioner, tried to get us ready to accept “political Islam” the political correct people can be frankly happy there is Michael Gove to be voted, and Penny Mordaunt and Priti Patel, because with the “moderate” ones promising basically they want to legalize sharia, because they said this, we could vote Britain First really, I would, I don’t care, but there is still a good healthy part in the Tory Right that does not want to legalize sharia tribunals; the remainers were and are slaves of the bilderberg, let’s get rid of all of them. Nothing must remain of them, but probably Corbyn. Who’s fighting against the people who call him a nazi, he too, everybody nazi nowadays, but the ones who want to legalize sharia or FGM. They are not nazi, they are satanists in fact. I find it funny that so many people Hitler would reject, nowadays are called “nazi” even Beppe Grillo in Italy, which seems between incredible and ridiculous, but it’s true: he was called like this because some MEPs of his party voted together with Farage on some issues, those kind of masonic leftists, who hate Corbyn, have abused so much the word nazi that it doesn’t impress anyone anymore. We’re all nazi apparently even the asian pro-palestine labour supporters or the black brexiteers, or Grillo, or Johnson. Only Osborne is not a nazi and pro-sharia Theresa May. I’ll support Gove and hope there’s no division among true brexiteers, I want Gove, Priti Patel, Penny Mordaunt, Iain Duncan Smith and John Redwood on the same wagon. There’s no turning back from Brexit, they better work.

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