At this point you would expect the EU leaders to meet today at 9.00 or maximum 10.00 AM to discuss something of the level of Brexit. No, they’ll do it tonight at and after dinner full of food and tired. Shut down the EU.


They do the “summit” in the evening, eating. No wonder they cannot solve anything.

Something of the level of Brexit, the end of the EU, you would expect they gather after coffe, awaken, in the morning, full of energy at 9.00 maximum 10.00 AM, no they’ll start at 9.00 or 10.00 PM during and after what they do best at the EU: eating. Moreover in the evening / night when they are tired. It’s impressive how morally and technically inadequate this big piggery is. You are talking about the United Kingdon leaving the bloc, shutting the borders and Germany risking to lose millions of trade with the UK in case of hard stance, no wonder the nation state works better. They are pigs. They disgust me, they are not morally and politically at the height of discussing Europe.

Or don’t they believe Brexit is a serious thing? What do they do in the morning, when the minds are fresh and more active more important than discussing an issue like this? They deserve to end. Make a Multiplex of this palace:


New Cinemax

No wonder we are invaded by immigrants and there’s no solution for any thing, no wonder the crazy eurozone crisis, this level of politics is so low the end of it is inevitable.

I don’t trust these people to handle either immigration or a two-pence budget. And Brexit must be Brexit, no free movement.

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