A second Brexit Referendum has got no meaning, new General Elections where the citizens can vote the brexit politicians would have a meaning. But Cameron must trigger chapter 50 now. British butchers already use pounds and ounces.

A second brexit referendum in my opinion is not meaningful, add that without Jo Cox’s murder probably the Leave campaign would have won at least 55% against 45%, add that many brexiteers felt intimidated and accused of being far right terrorists who shot Jo Cox and even, evidently lied to the polls not to have to eventually “justify” themselves for wanting out. In Italy the polls readjust the result adding a small percentage in favour of the Right because it was found out the people who want to vote a right wing party in certain cases feel ashamed of saying it and lie to the pollsters, then “f**k off” everybody at the ballot box.


This situation is evidently not “italian only”, a lot of people just don’t want to spend time quarreling with the leftists, but I would like the right wingers to be more open and say it clearly they don’t like the NWO and mass immigration etc. it’s that they don’t feel like doing as Katie Hopkins, they want peace. I say it, sometimes it may be tiring, but it is necessary for me – and Katie Hopkins too – that the right wing becomes mainstream.

Now a second Brexit referendum doesn’t make any sense, even if all the loseres sign a petition, the referendum is too fresh, people don’t want mass immigration and want back the control over their laws in Westminster and not in Brussels, the Brexit “air” is wonderful, the butchers sell back meat in pounds and ounces, Britain is turning back Britain and if some foreigner in London doesn’t feel british they can go back home: London is the capital of Great Britain stop. As for Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon says things that she cannot deliver, she cannot split from the UK and keep the pound, she should do the second scottish referendum, but if she wins then she should join the eurozone which is a suicide and she knows it, the pound, like any other currency must be driven by one bank and one government with one clear economic, monetary policy, maybe Sturgeon doesn’t know that the euro does not work precisely because it’s one currency with one bank and 19 governments and 19 diferent economies, it wouldn’t work even only with two governments, it is “doomed” to fail and it’s better for Scotland if it is not there failing and bailing out (uselessly) with it.

What would make sense? If really the MPs put themselves radically against the people, the Queen should lose the parliament and indict new general elections so the people can vote for the brexit politicians and have brexit MPs. And they would. They wanted Brexit. And stop.

If the Parliament or Cameron triggers this chapter 50 now they would do a favour to humanity, the more you try to drag it on the worse. Britain in the end is not a Banana Republic. It’s not a banana, and for that, not even a  republic.

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