Someone calm Nicola Sturgeon down. If Scotland leaves the Pound for joining the already failing eurozone, it means they are really drunk.

NicolaSturgeon Obviously, among all the stupid things said by the ones who don’t like the result of the EU Referendum, in reality, the only thing that counts is the scottish First Minister’s menace of another independent Scotland Referendum. And why? To join the eurozone. Then, she’s out of her mind.

Independent to join the eurozone is a contradiction in terms: nothing is more doomed than the eurozone and nothing is less independent than a country that joins the eurozone. Even Germany is not so independent anymore: they lately surrendered to the ECJ. As for Italy and Greece independence has gone. I don’t care about the people who stroll around London asking that London becomes an “independent nation town” like what? Like Republic of San Marino? or really like Guernsey? Kahn would be more powerful as mayor of the capital of the UK than he would be as president of the independent Republic of London. Come on, if you don’t like to be Briton and you want to be eu-slave, over to France, or even better to Italy or major struck of luck to Greece, because that’s the “real” EU, no matter what all these nuts imagine: these people just drink and smoke too much. Nicola Sturgeon, instead, she’s got something nasty in her eyes when she says she wants another independence-referendum for Scotland. But can’t this lady see what are the consequences of joining the collapsing eurozone? They should pay for continuous bailouts if they don’t need being bailouted themselves, cannot control their monetary policy nor their economic policy, not bad for a country that wants supposed independence. I think they’ll keep the pound and stay there.

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