Do you want to feel relaxed about the markets? Check Redwood’s diary and in Italy Ennio Doris, chairman of Mediolanum Bank said: “Brexit is just another occasion for investments”.

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Ennio Doris, founder and chairman of Mediolanum Bank

Check John Redwood’s diary if you want to know how it is really going on in the markets, there’s only a big occasion for “investments” as Doris, chairman of Mediolanum Bank puts it, or speculations, but Redwood is quite reassuring Playing FTSE with Brexit. If you want to know it I also was proposed investments, to buy pounds when it is low and to re-sell it when, invariably will go up because it’s all a bit of re-assesment chaos, induced on purpose moreover. Another reassuring statement comes from John Bolton ex UN ambassador: “48% back remain, that’s not a vote pro-EU, it’s a vote against uncertainty”. As for the assertion of the bad losers that the referendum to be valid should have won with 60% of the votes and a turnout of 75% this is being high on drugs, the referendum is won with 50% + 1 and the turnout of 72% everybody knows it: it is already incredibly high. They are inventing stories, no worthy commenting.

Now it’s time to move on. I also would invoke the Lisbon Treaty clause right on monday morning. The EU is dead.

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