Dear Britons, The Queen wants Brexit: Her Majesty is outraged at the ECJ immorally prohibiting to deport terrorists who threat british lives: “It denigrates Britain” she said.

QueenBritainYes, it does, it denigrates Britain, when british police and british judges found for certain that Abu Hamza’s daughter in law, a woman who was not a british citizen, was involved in terrorist practices, decided to deport her. But the European Court of Justice blocked the british police and judges from deporting her saying it is a “human right” of the foreign terrorist to stay in Britain and not to be deported, and Her Majesty the Queen said in an outburst of rage:”This denigrates Britain”. Source Her eurosceptic Majecty…

The European Court of Justice likes to put its absurdly long and inflated list of human rights above the courts of the good national states that want to protect us and hinders continuously security. It humiliates the work of the police, puts the lives of the good citizens at risks, puts the liberal muslims at risk to be dominated in the quarter of town where they live by the terrorist component. Therefore Vote Leave and decide your security laws.

Also the liberal muslims, if they don’t want to be dominated by the integralist components they must vote Leave to have back power of decision about whom to deport in the british institutions: British High Court of Justice and british Parliament, where your representatives can be controlled that they say what they told us in the electoral campaign and talked to during the saturdays when they meet their constituents in their office, can be  re-elected if they behave properly, removed from office and substituted by better ones if you don’t like them. This is Democracy: this why Vote Leave.

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