Forget you can live the modern life if you stay in the EU, what’s waiting for you is mass immigration, sharia patrols, no free speech, poverty and low wages. This is what Goldman Sachs has for you, while the eurocrats will step up their own security.


Dutch girls asked not to wear the miniskirt not to “induce” muslim men to rape them. The EU stands with the muslim men.


Outside the controlled borders of a national state there’s no place for the main characteristics of the modern life: women free to go around and do as they please without being judged differently than men, good jobs with high wages for all the categories of workers, the weekend, Christmas Holiday and free speech. All this will be swept away by staying in the EU. The EU, no matter what the leftists say, is actually preparing:

1) Mass uncontrolled immigration from the darkest and most mysoginous muslim countries with the excuse of the artificially created “refugee crisis”, that can be stopped only and I say only if Italy and Greece do like Australia and stop taking the people who start the journey.

2) Hate speech laws that actually prohibit to the common citizens to even complain about mass immigration and about the behaviour of the muslim hardliners. See the law about “islamophobia”.

3) Impossibility to deport the terrorist, rapists and terrorists sympathizers for their own ECJ’s “human rights”.

4) Consequently, women and also gays will be confined the more and more into special “all white” areas where they can still live freely, but these areas will be slowly eroded and invaded too. Until also white or anyway western women – who are not white but are definitly westerners – will have to live according to a medieval behaviour and dress code to just avoid being raped or assaulted.

 It’s the end of modernity.

Add that cheap labour from abroad and changes to the working rights laws as the EU has asked/imposed to Italy in a scandalous written letter sent to Berlusconi in 2011 before ousting him with a totally masonic plot – being the then italian President of the Republic a mason – well the EU, far from protecting the working rights in fact has asked/imposed Italy to change the Labour rights rules so that the workers can be sacked easily – and this is for you Corbyn -.

Cheap labour, unemployement, sharia patrols, hate-speech laws and some “lone wolf” of the far right set free to kill someone so to justify the anti-free speech laws.

This is what Goldman Sachs has ready for you, Cameron and Osborne are on its side. Vote Leave and set up a modern democracy with only selected immigrants and the power to deport the ones who don’t fit in modernity.

Remember well, that the Eurocrats are going to step up their own personal security not to share the burden of the chaos created by them, it’ll be Middle Age and not even a christian one. And you are outside the Castle.

Cameron and Osborne want it because they are inside.

Vote for Modernity, vote Leave.


The EU is destroying modern christian Europe


The EU does not stand for freedom of speech.

The EU is not Europe, the EU does not stand for modernity: it is stabbing modern christian Europe in the back and does not stand for freedom of speech. The EU is Rothschild and Goldman Sachs, aka savagely antichristian “jewish” (but someone says in reality they are satanist and judaism is only a cover official religion) masonic system propped up by the money of the financial sector that hates everything we stand for.

Vote Modernity, vote Freedom, vote Control, vote Brexit.

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