The Real Queen Backs Brexit: She’s doing everything she can to tell you to Leave. Get it.

QueenElizabethQueen Elizabeth backs Brexit too and she’s doing everything she can to warn you: it is better to Leave. Please beleive it, the remainers are scoundrels and Jo Cox’s got nothing to do with this.

EU referendum: Queen asks guests to give her 3 reasons why Britain should remain in Europe

“The Queen has been canvassing opinion on the EU debate by asking dinner companions: “Give me three good reasons why Britain should be part of Europe.”

Her Majesty’s biographer, Robert Lacey, reported the Queen’s comments and suggested they may mean the Queen favours withdrawal from the European Union.”…source Telegraph Now the Queen was already reported to have said: “If we don’t Brexit there will be such a war the WWII will seem a …article . She cannot talk openly, but she knows the dangers of the actual situation, a situation of uncontrolled external borders of the EU: if you don’t exit you won’t control anything, it’s not your fault if the external borders of the EU are not closed, it’s greek, Italian and german fault and you must detach yourselves from that. I’s a necessity for security. Do vote Brexit.

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