If the Britons vote for staying in the EU they will repent, and then will want to kill Osborne and Cameron instead of Cox.


Osborne and Cameron

I am a cold person, accused of being cold by my own mother. Ok, I didn’t cry for Jo Cox death but I didn’t want her dead, how many remainers can say the same? According to Breitbart.com/London the remainers “ordered” their supporters to use Jo Cox’s death to accuse Farage and the outers of being divisive and nazi-like, there are the leaked documents through which these cold scoundrels say it plainly: this is the last argument, for the last days of campaign, incredible as it is, I give you the link . So they recognize they haven’t got any positive stance to convince the people to stay in the EU because there aren’t any and they try to stir the sense of guilt in wanting to protect the borders. Remember that without protecting the borders all the country is in danger.


All that Farage says is true, and either you stop mass uncontrolled immigration, exiting the EU, or you’ll have it in your own streets like Cologne. Exit, should be the good advice a good mother gives her children, some people just don’t care. I was always taught to be careful about what kind of people my university flatmates and I let in our apartment, I was nineteen, my mother was worried, she didn’t tell me: “let the door open or you’re racist” she told me, remember to close to door with the lock and control who’s outside before letting them in. We did it, we had friends but didn’t let everybody in to be “inclusive”. This open borders theory is criminal. Farage is right, shut the borders and then check one by one whom you want to let in or out. And if a person you trusted behaves immorally or is dangerous you just must have the authority to expel him. Osborne and Cameron lie. The EU and the ECJ don’t allow the member states doing this selection and it’s more convenient, much more convenient not to be a member state of the EU than to be. Under every respect Osborne and Cameron are snakes. My mummy taught me better than this.

The Chancellor of the Exchequer and the Prime Minister are giving you bad advices, how can they possibly deal with your security without being able to check who can enter the country and who’s out? Without being able to deport the terrorists and the rapists?

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