The Swedes were mentally strong enough to reject the eurozone even after Anna Lindh was murdered by a far right winger, who economically was even right. Will the Britons be so strong too?

AnnaLind250 This woman was wrong. This woman is the victim of murder. This woman, Ylva Maria Anna Lindh campaigned for Sweden to join the eurozone in 2003 and on 9/11 2003 – 9/11 seems to be a chosen date for the devil to do bad things – she was murdered by a swedish far right winger who wanted Sweden to stay away from the eurozone. The far right winger, economically was right: all the countries that joined the eurozone are in some sort of trouble.

The assassin was wrong because he was an assassin, he wasn’t wrong about the euro, Anna Lindh didn’t deserve to die like that, but politically and economically she was totally wrong. The concept is that we don’t kill people who are wrong, we try to win in a debate.

The leftists, cowardly, are trying to shut down the debate.

Jo Cox is like Anna Lindh, obviously no one should have killed her, but politically and economically she was wrong. I don’t want to kill Obama or Osborne but they are economically wrong. What if the Swedes had gone emotionally nuts and had voted for Sweden to join the eurozone, like the corporations, IMF and everybody that has a job in the globalisation-team had told them? They would be much worse off than they are now, with their national currency.

Don’t go after the instinct to think that the victim is right, economically the victim, like when she was alive, is wrong and you Britons risk to get ruined if you don’t stop and stare at reality and take the right decision to split from the EU. Just like the Swedes took the right decision not to join the eurozone the same, even if “Anna had wanted it”.

As for Farage, I’m afraid all the things Farage is saying to you about immigration are true, the photograph he showed is taken from reality, also the photographs I show you are taken from reality, it’s right that you are concerned. You should say thanks to him and vote the way he tells you. I know it is true because I live in Italy. Get saved and shut the border. Leave. You won’t be alone, there are already talks of forming a “nordic bloc of freetrade” only among rich countries that can respect the pacts they sign: UK, Sweden, Netherlands, Norway, Denmark, Finland. Also Switzerland may join, I’m not kidding, you’ve got the chance to reform a new, more efficient, trade bloc that does not put in question neither a little nor a lot the sovereignty of the countries that participate, the way you or most britons like. It’s untrue that for the sake of trade pacts you must “concede sovereignty” the way the EU wants you to believe,  that’s the structure of the EU that wants to become a new state, it’s certainly not inherent the trading pacts.

A swedish politician, Peter Lundgren, has already said Denmark and Sweden were already “on the brink” of quitting ( ..)

“They – in Brussels Ed Notes – never believed it would happen and then they didn’t believe there would be a chance for Brexit to win. In their rarefied world, belonging to the EU is the only option.”

“Looking to a post-Brexit future, he suggested the 90 million people of Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Iceland and the UK would harness a combined GDP of nearly £3trillion, representing considerable clout when it comes to forming new trading deals with the EU.”

“It’s an idea that has been gaining traction and one I’d like to see,” he said. “We’re similar in our culture, in our outlooks and in our economies. It’s a better fit than the EU.”

The nordic trading bloc that scares Brussels

You see? Dare.

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