Project Fear turned into Project “Guilt”: you must feel guilty if you vote Brexit, while the Guardian Editor backs Leave.

There is something morbid in the Daily Mail, now, after all they did about immigration, pretty much the same of Farage, now they came out to back the EU. What? the corrupted EU? The Fat Cats? the Eurocrats and burocrats? Boh, the daily mail is a roll of you know what.

But an interesting, quick minded leftist, the fascinating Guardian Editor Patrick Collinson


is backing officially Brexit. Because the EU pushed down wages. There is the feeling that this campaign turned from project fear versus project freedom&Control into project threat – the infamous “shutdown budget” If you vote Brexit I shut down the country: no money for police, for school for pensions so much that Osborne was called an “ex-chancellor” which thing we hope strongly he will be,  by a Tory brexiteer, because we do hope for Brexit and Osborne and Cameron out. Now project threat has become something even more insidious, “project guilt”: if you vote brexit you are guilty of homicide, basically this is what the dirt of the remainers are meaning. No, they must not prevail, moreover there are tons of lies surrounding this homicide, eye witnesses, all but one, say the killer did not shout “Britain First” as Breitbart London courageously reports on the home-page, and, maybe you don’t know it, but the weapon with which the killer shot was very difficult to obtain. The killer looked for help for his mental conditions at he hospital and was dismissed. Now the remain campaign has a little boost, it feels like they did a human sacrifice to boost remain, it feels like the honest leftists fear the bosses of the left sacrificed one of them to manipulate the press and they are scared. One of the most honest among the labour MPs Rachel Reeves declared she doesn’t want to relate the assassination to the referendum. The dirty press already writes “brexiteer killed Jo Cox”. There’s something very morbid going on with this project guilt: these people must not be prized, if the only thing that the establishment needs to push on its fallimentar agenda is a dead one on the street to set up the “Vote for Jo” campaign, they’ll find the way again, it takes nothing for these people to find a patsy, be careful, Vote Leave.

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