The only way to help Syria is to help Assad take control of it. Even if Israel and the israeli-jewish Lobby across the world don’t want it.


It must be clear to everybody that what Israel, the neocons and the israeli jewish lobby want from politics is not peace and stability: they want the destruction of all Middle Eastern states around Israel and the weakening of all nations that are potentially more powerful than Israel, this is what they do. This is why in the USA they use their position inside the american institutions and american “liberal” media to push for the bombings of all middle eastern countries one by one, this is why they support “Killary” her list of donors over €100.000 was ironically describe “a jewish wedding list” which includes the retarded Steven Spielberg the one who hasn’t accepted to be older than 8.

Now the neocons, the Kagan Family has moved from “republican” to “democratic” because Hillary Clinton told them she would “obliterate” Iran, I hate when they they want to “obliterate” a country this means mass bombings of course, other than Iran, after Libya and Iraq and an attempted coup in Egypt – all threats to the US security? Are they kidding? – well there is obviously Assad. Syria. The country that Israel wants to dismantle to inglobate the Golan and maybe more.

The real problem with these people is that they are “zionist suprematists” they don’t accept any country to be stronger than Israel, far from being anti-racist, in Israel and among the lubavitcher communities they teach that the jews are superior, and everybody knows it, with the strange result that, not only they are not thankful to americans or to the britons for their btw immoral constant help, they hate them more because it contradicts their suprematist theory, it’s like they should admit their life depends on the help of the non-jews, the explanation such suprematist rabbis give is pretty twisted “the fact that we can trick them and manipulate them is the evidence that we are superior” or even “the jews use 30% of their brain while the non jews only 20%” this is like saying that the fact that mafia is based in Sicily means that the sicilians are “superior” because mafia is criminally successful.

The western countries are continuously weakened by the Soros-Rothschild jewish clan it’s they who support mass immigration and the end of the external borders, they really, seriously want Israel to become the most powerful country in the world by destroying the rest of us. And by conceding political power to unelected structures, like the EU, controlled by “councils” or “commissions” whose members are masons, remember that even if freemasonry is full of christian-born people in reality christians are excluded from the steering group, they must only obey even against their will: they joined an army where they can never be generals. This is why the jewish lobby supports the remain campaign, and “fights” against the rise of the patriotic movements and it is against controlling immigration towards our countries.

Going back to Syria, the situation in Syria is this one, if Assad falls it’ll be like Libya after Gaddafi or Iraq after the de-baathization of the country: no country, no state, only a free land easy to occupy. The cheap reasons given by such criminals as Victoria Nuland or the hubby Robert Kagan do not stand the proof, Assad’s government they call regime protects religious and ethnic minorities, does protect liberal muslims who don’t want burqas or ending up slaughtered by talibans, protects even the non believers who in other middle eastern contests are death-sentenced, it is in the interest of the West, of christians, of liberal muslims & Co, to keep Assad and lift the embargo against his government, Nuland and Kagan are helping the terrorists, many of whom are israelis undercover and they have steered the american foreign policy in a way that’s so shameful some american jews feel like taking the distance from them not to have to share the guilt.

The West, America and the rest must get rid of the israeli-jewish lobby and help Assad take control of Syria. We also must exit the EU ’cause we can’t be governed by a “council” instead of an elected government and an elected parliament and restore the borders blocking automatic mass immigration, repatriating the illegals, picking and choosing the best immigrants, and giving the structure of the western country to the others if they freely want to apply it to their own countries.

Assad had done a wonderful job in Syria, it had applied to Syria a demi-western demi-middle eastern model, many middle eastern people like some aspect of western culture but dislike others, they can apply to their own nations the part that they like and do without the part that they dislike, Assad basically had done this. This is the only way to avoid both poverty and mass immigration. The war against Russia must be avoided too.

From Wikipedia:

According to the 2014 Russian census, 84% of Crimean inhabitants named Russian as their native language; 7.9% – Crimean Tatar; 3.7% – Tatar; and 3.3% – Ukrainian.[citation needed] It was the first official Russian census in Crimea since Ukrainian that held in 2001.[90]

According to the 2001 census, 77% of Crimean inhabitants named Russian as their native language; 11.4% – Crimean Tatar; and 10.1% – Ukrainian.[91]

Even taking the second census there is a 77% of russian speaking people and russian “feeling” in Crimea and only 10,1% of ukrainian, it is plausible that the referendum about joining the russian federation was clean, the assertion that Putin had sent tanks does not consider that the USAID, Geroge Soros and the israeli lobby inside the american state departments had financed the ukrainian “nazi” nationalists and that even lefty journalists had admitted philo-russian journalists had been killed.

The israeli neocons now want to bomb the syrian capital, they don’t say “bomb” they say “strike” to impress people less, but at this point the USA should have the guts to simply declare war against Syria because this is what they want to do. It is my conviction that both the americans and the britons or anyone else must stop allowing the jewish lobby hijack their policies.

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