Europe to be invaded from Italy: 10.000 new immigrants per week taken by Frontex, the forecast for the summer is 300.000, if you stay in the EU you’ll have to take them plus the Greeks and the Italians who are getting poor will all want to come to the UK. Be watchful, Vote Leave.

You Britons have pretty much no choice: you must vote Leave to survive, in Italy Frontex, the EU agency – EU.Agency- picks up every week 10.000 new immigrants, the forecast for the summer is 300.000 if you stay you’ll have to “do your part” “take your share” which means invasion, plus the Greeks are in total poverty and will want to emigrate to the UK, so the Italians, Renzi is a buffoon: he takes the immigrants and plays the rich one, but Italy is on the verge of economic collapse. You better vote Leave. Don’t be childish, the mourn about Cox is not a way to ruin Britain and make it end up like Greece, I link an article of the Daily Mail about the real situation in Greece: poverty, suicides for shame, real hunger, all true. The EU is the reason why the Greeks are in these shameful conditions, Merkel is a criminal, she plays the “good” one with the refugees but doesn’t release the debt to the Greeks, the Greeks say: “They – the experts btw – had told us we would be stronger inside the EU but now we are ruined (…) life stopped”. No one by the way is investing in Greece creating jobs for all those unemployed because Greece is inside the EU, says a commentator on the Daily Mail, he notices: “why all these investors who won’t invest in Britain if we exit are not investing in Greece which is in the EU?” . This is what they tell you: you’ll be stronger inside the EU, if you exit you’ll be like Guernsey, and they tell you from France where they are indebted, only Germany, Holland and Finland in the eurozone are not indebted, and maybe Austria, the French just give themselves airs, while from Switzerland they said, commenting the reason of their withdrawal of the application to join: “only an idiot would want to enter in the EU in these conditions”. Get out. Farage wants to help you, you must control immigration certainly, this Jo Cox politically was a disaster we didn’t kill her but we can’t ruin a country for a sort of “obedience to a dead politician” it’s like saying that if a politician who wants to cut the public services dies, you have to vote for cutting the public services. Don’t be ridiculous, vote Out. And breathe. The EU deserves shutting down.

Remember the supporters of the EU, who they are:SorosGermany


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