Switzerland withdraws definitely its application to join the EU, Brexit is on sight and the EU? They go on like blind zombies to “enlarge” the more and more to east. And go on with the practice of Turkey’s annexation.

JunckerSchulz I doubt their mental health. Look at this, Britons, get out because these people in Brussels they don’t reason, consider, just consider their reaction to the fear of brexit, that would spell, luckily, their end. You would expect for them to say: “Ok, Turkey won’t join, we close the borders, and do like Australia, who’s in is in who’s out is out, it’s the European Union it is not the World Trade Association and it is not Amnesty International. Vote as you like, but if your fear is Turkey in or the open external borders, we closed the borders and Turkey won’t be in.” A chance to make them stay. No. They insist and persist doing the same things like somnambulists who are walking towards the open window and will crash down.

Switzerland, happy for Brexit, withdrew completely, definitely, the application to join the EU and it’s waiting for the Britons to be free from the shackles of Brussels, probably to act together among real sovereign democracies, Mario Draghi does not want to split the eurozone into a multiple currencies zone, they intend to go on with this crazy, cruel, monetary union without unified government because they would like to force the unified government against the people’s will. The immigrants/refugees, I told you a hundred of times, it’s not that you have to pay Turkey or any other country “not to send the refugees” it’s you Greece and Italy etc. that haven’t got to take them, like Australia, but now everything sounds past the selling date, we know it, they did on purpose because they are masons, they wanted to kill the nation states and they are killing the EU by mistake. The creepy attitude of Mogherini, the ghostly attitude of Juncker are even humanly incredible, an italian commentator and also Ambrose Evans Pritchard, Mervyn King and actually almost all the brexiteers say, notice, and you Readers must have noticed it too: they at the EU don’t admit any of their colossal mistakes, neither for the economy, nor for the eurozone, not for Greece and Cyprus and not for having let collapsed the external borders, nothing. They say “Amnesty and the NGOs say we break the human rights if we don’t take the refugees…” as if we believe that Amnesty and the NGOs count anything.

Get out, remember that this chilling avoiding discussions, avoiding admitting to have being dramatically wrong, avoiding stopping the process of the annexation of Turkey is a sign of mental disease, I read on the italian right wing newspaper Il Giornale that Mogherini sacked the EU ambassador to Turkey Hansjorg Haber because he criticised Erdogan for the way he was conducting the anyway patched up EU-Turkey Deal and she, the High Representative etc etc of the EU said, like nothing is happening in Britain: “Turkey is a key ally of the Union and a candidate member to the Union.” . What have I got to say more? That Cameron and Osborne lie? Yes they lie and lie dangerously and at the EU don’t even bother to confirm their lies, and if Turkey joins the Union the turks will have the right to free movement, we brexiteers tell you, it’s unpleasant to say: “Osborne lies” but I wouldn’t like to be lied to on such a matter.

There are two possible answers to this chilling question: “Why do they do like this?”

The first answer is, because they are blind and arrogant.

The second is, because they cannot do differently, it’s someone else taking the decisions.

In any case now it’s a matter of democracy, it is evident that the EU does not want to allow the citizens of Europe to decide about Turkey’s entrance, as they don’t allow the european citizens to decide about almost all. So it comes out it’s Lord Lawson who’s right, and Ambrose Evans Pritchard and Boris and Gove: we leave it because it’s not democratic. The Noble reason is the true one. Noble and practical at the same time, because the lack of Democracy has destroyed the eurozone: the citizens couldn’t remove the eurocrats and the Governors of the bank who did the wrong things, the banks don’t want to lose when they do the wrong investemnt – see Greece – as they should, the EU forces the citizens to bailout the banks – even if this is against its own treaties, they do it arbitrarily just the same and no one can remove them, which is the core of the issue- the democratically elected governments are permanently lame in the North and totally deprived of power in the South. It’s a win win for the banks and a lose lose for the people. Do you know that’s Goldman Sachs to have analyzed the conditions of the greek economy and has come out with the result that Greece was fit for the euro? And now it’s Goldman Sachs that’s paying the Remain campaign? Greece fit for the eurozone? These are the experts of Osborne. These ones, stay away.

Exit now. We all know that Angela Merkel insists on the necessity to allow Turkey in for the EU-Turkey deal on refugees, but I’ll never be sated with saying it: the state decides if it wants to take refugees or immigrants, neither Amnesty nor the other state that, if you don’t do what they want “sends the refugees”. In Libya they accuse Frontex of pushing people into trying to cross the sea, because they go and take them just at 20 miles off the libyan coast. It’s all a sham.

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