Don’t let the leftists come over you with their “angel”. She was a good girl but had no clue and democracy is not a price to pay.

The mediatic marauding on Britain First, that’s got nothing to do with the homicide of the supposed angel, once they die they’re all “angel” was tried by the husband of the dead girl/lady; they want to fight against…the hatred that killed her. Well I want to fight against the EU the same. I would never kill Cameron or Osborne or even Laura Boldrini, I even find Osborne nice, I don’t want to stab him, I just want him out of office.

Democracy and the economic prosperity of a country are not to be put at stake because a leftist who liked to play the “angel” of the refugees and filled Britain of asian rapists and didn’t give a damn about the little girls raped in Rotherham by her refugees, because she angel had nothing to earn politically from defending them, but just to lose, died.

I wouldn’t stab my political enemies, I even enjoy the fight, I want to win and I believe we shall win. Chiuso. All these lefty “angels” make me sick, because they don’t give a damn when swedish girls are raped by their supposed refugees.


Gary Klesch, chairman of commodity investment firm Klesch Group, poses in his office in Geneva

Now I want to talk tough politics and tough economics. About democracy and how the EU is totally undemocratic or as Farage rightly says: antidemocratic I have talked widely in my previous article, but now I want the brexiteers or the undecided to know the crème de la crème of the real economic and industrialist experts back Brexit, read below, please, and breathe, the real best guys are with us:

AMERICAN businessman Gary Klesch has come out in favour of the UK leaving the European Union, saying the country could experience “explosive growth” if it voted in favour of Brexit.

industrialist said firms in the EU were hampered by too much “cumbersome” regulation.

Mr Klesch, who runs his own investment fund, specialises in turning round struggling companies.

In recent years, the wealthy entrepreneur has bought steel mills and refineries in Germany and Holland.

His intervention came as the Financial Times labelled the decision to leave the EU as “a gratuitous act of self-harm”.

The paper’s editor Lionel Barber told Today said: “There will be a political crisis in this country if we vote no. There will be a shock to the economy.

“I think people are underestimating the severity of the shock. It is important to remember who favours us leaving… Marine Le Pen, Donald Trump.”

“Vladimir Putin may not have said it publicly but certainly The Kremlin would be interested and is interested in weaker, less coherent western Europe.”

Disagreeing with the Financial Time’s stance, Mr Klesch said that international investors would find the UK more attractive if it left the EU.

He said: “The model – the EU model Ed.Notes – is a very static model, a very heavily regulated model. In that static environment it’s hard to make amendments. It’s hard to reverse yourself if a business is in trouble. Britain is a part of that now.

“The future of Brexit allows Britain to get away from that static, onerous module and it can go to a dynamic model. A module that’s focused on growth and relieves businesses of regulation.”

“The big advantage is that once you move into a dynamic environment it allows for explosive growth.”

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