The lies about the fishing, how the EU works.

Explanation of these assertions by the Remainers about EU rules on british fishery:


  • “Fishing limits are essential: sustainable fishing brings more jobs, profits and fish and because fish move between ‘our’ waters and those of other countries, they need to be managed together”

They are not “being managed together” the british fishers must actually fish less and sell less because the EU set a very low quota for fishing to the UK. Any law about fishing quota and protection of the ambient can be set up by Westminster without Brussels eurocrats being bribed by other producers to be given a superior quota. Notice how the unpatriotic EU people put “our” water into quotation marks, this means they don’t consider british waters to be really “ours” that means of the britons – me writing I am italian- ergo they are treacherous. Moreover it is untrue that “fishing limits bring more jobs” this is an arbitrary and false assertion, they bring more jobs to another country that has a superior fishing quota.

  • “EU quotas are working: fish stocks for which the EU has set limits, like North Sea cod, are now recovering to healthy levels, but those without quotas are still in danger”

The Westminster Parliament is perfectly able to draw a law about the protection of a certain level of fish stock according to the UK need, no need to leave it to Brussels’s bribed eurocrats. Moreover everybody knows the UK is full like an egg of ecologists.

  • “The UK decides who gets what, not Brussels: small UK ports only have a fraction of the vessels they once had, but this is mainly because of the way quota is allocated between different fishing fleets – a national decision, not one taken by the EU”

No, this is because the quota is too low for a big Island like Britain. The quota so low is decided in Brussels, then the UK can only decide which port can have the little part left.

Do you see they are tricky? Leave and decide everything by yourselves, so if you complain with your own MP it does have an effect on the parliamentary activity and a new law good for you could be approved: This is democracy, this is the difference. And I want to mark very well this difference when a silly remainer yesterday told Boris Johnson and Priti Patel “you call it red tape, I call it maternity leave…etc” Why on earth do you need the EU to approve a fucking law about maternity leave? I hate them when they try to give the EU the merit of years of national democratic activity, they lie and they know it, sack them all. I want to have a say on all the laws that influence my life, I don’t even want to be protected without my consent, I don’t want to be spied on for my “security”, they treat us like mentally retarded people, we want to influence and steer the lawmaking by vote, in the EU there’s no vote. The fishermen of Britain cannot fish in their own waters, but have also to endure watching foreign vessels fishing in british waters, invading actually, this is because the EU people are globalists, they don’t believe british waters “belong” to the britons. They like to do invasions and call it “human rights” the way they do with immigrants or call it “shared, pooled fishing”. Patriots Vote Leave.

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