Explanation of how the Remainers solve the EU created problems: they just ignore them, make them worse and save themselves and their clan personally leaving the others in troubles. Now they’re sorry for Brexit, now it’s their time to cry.

Look at this big picture, it’s probably the most successful cartoon about Brexit, but honestly it is almost complete, if you read in detail what the little writings say. This is dedicated to Cameron who today at PMQs said: “the worse thing you can do with a crisis is ignoring it” Yes, quite, this is in fact why we want leave, the EU has generated, ignored, made worse criminal tragic crisis:


I go from left to the right, beginning with the jaw:

Political correctness is about to swallow Sweden, the EU pushes political correctness, an arab man is bribing the officer who’s killing Sweden.

Up on the edge of the ship there are two globalists who try to kill Brexit, but their bombs fall in vain in the water;

There is a sort of priest dressed in black that with the bomb of “diversity” is destroying materially the boat.

At the helm there is a clown-like Brussels burocrat;

There is a man tied in red ropes at the tree called “regulations”.

On top of the tree there is Merkel who cries in german “Mehr Immigranten” which means “more immigrants”.

There is a tsunami of immigrants coming and the hurricane of the economic failure.

Greece on its knees, vomiting.

An arab man who says “ficke ficke” which means “f*ck f*ck” to the blond “sexually liberated” mermaid tied at the boat…

…while two women in a burqa are hidden under the deck.

The eurozone at the bow, is just going down a waterfall bringing with it the entire boat.

The treasury of our taxes will fall together with it.

The heavy anchor debt that’s bringing the whole ship heavily down,

The big EU flag is surmounted by a flag of Turkey.

Tell me Cameron, what’s wrong with this interpretation of the actual situation and what did you and the other europhiles did to solve these crisis? Nothing.

The leftists have tried to silence the debate for racism. The EU goes on like this.

The brexiteers are the saved ones. This is really what’s going on.

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