Brussels’s Pigs: MEPs can have Champagne and Scotch served at their work desks and want to raise their own security budget from €7 millions to €10,50 millions to have limousines and private chaffeurs with €1.000 each uniform. This is Bullingdon club. Get out and withdraw your money.

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“REVEALED: EU bureaucrats can pig out on CHAMPAGNE and SCOTCH at their own desks

GREEDY MEPs in Brussels can spoil themselves with champagne and whisky which they can have served to their desks, it has been revealed.”

More from : Budget chairman presses Martin Schulz on MEP limo plan

MEPs agreed to Schulz’s proposal to set up an in-house limo service that would add an additional €3.7 million to the current €7 million transport budget (…) Parliament leaders say the in-house driver service is needed to improve security. Schulz is pushing forward on a plan to purchase a fleet of cars, hire up to 100 chauffeurs, and equip them with €1,000 uniforms to improve the service and ensure security”

This is the Bullingdon club maybe Osborne likes it for this, Osborne the man of the austerity cuts, who doesn’t want to give the pension to the pensioners, the person who’s always to be seen at the Bilderberg, the one who maybe one day he may like even cocaine “served at his desk” – in Italy it already happened -. This is the piggery you are Leaving. And don’t tell me Johnson was also in Bullingdon club, at least now he’s doing something good to rescue his country and doesn’t want to cut the pensions. Do you know what? Sack them all: Brussels’s pigs, Martin and Jean Claude and the MEPs with the private shopping mall not to mix not even by mistake with the “peasantry”, it all disgusts me and then sack Cameron and Osborne too, they must not be allowed to take revenge on the people making people believe they did the wrong choice, they are wicked and don’t love Britain, if Leave wins the leavers must govern.

I haven’t got clothes that cost €1000 I can’t imagine a reason for spending so much for the uniforms of their lackeys: this is not what we had signed for, this is unelected irresponsible pigs, and also elected, but completely useless MEPs, who tell us open borders, help the poor, and swindle away my and your money. Britain must save Decency and Democracy. They are pigs, send them to the slaughter.

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