The Telegraph says: “we must be told before, not after the Referendum if Turkey joins”, Leave the same, if they don’t tell you before, try and guess why…


British Ambassador in Germany, Sir Sebastian Wood leaked documents about german plans to let Turkey in the EU, visa free travel from the 1st of July.

The Oxonians who run the Telegraph argue that “before not after” deciding whether to leave or not the EU they must be told if Turkey joins, now this is la crème de la crème of the british intellighenzia, in your opinion, why aren’t they telling you before?

From the more “popular” – which now I consult back because they have apparently stopped showing unpleasant images on first page – well there is this news about the Kaiserin Angela Merkel

Source Angela Merkel ready to cave  in and grant Turkey visa free travel, ambassador reveals

The most important word in this article is “ambassador” it is a very qualified source, and he’s not an ambassador who wants to stay anonymous he is Sir Sebastian Wood.

“Leaked documents from Britain’s ambassador to Germany, Sir Sebastian Wood, claim the German Chancellor is ready to make a “compromise” on Turkey’s terrorism law (…) and grant visa-free travel to 75million people despite Turkey’s failure to meet EU’s demands…”

and from when? They are cunning…cunning like a three years old child, from the 1 of July.

“The shambolic pact to allow visa-free travel was set to kick in on July 1.”

I believe they really take us for fools, but there is another more important question; I already made the point elsewhere on this website: does Angela Merkel control the EU? I mean she is “just” the German Chancellor, she cannot decide alone whether Turkey can join or not the EU, at that point it’s better if she can decide only for her own country, the fact that the German Chancellor alone holds these talks and makes these pacts with Erdogan as if the entire EU were a dependance of Germany means Leave, because even if the danger would be avoided now and I’m not sure, the structure of the EU is wrong. I understood the EU wasn’t to be saved when the Commission instead of punishing Renzi for breaking the Dublin Treaty stood on his side and reproached Poland that hadn’t done anything against the Treaties, this means clearly and unavoidably that the EU intends its power as arbitrary  – like the ECJ that now changed its mind, for the referendum, and stated Britain “can” reduce the immigrants’ benefits- and only the Germans have a real say. End of.


The ECJ’s U-Turn is still arbitrary and it is in fact a politically aimed decision, it is too dangerous to stay attached to institutions where the judges, like in Italy, do what they want, the famous “Star Chamber” Ambrose Evans Pritchard reminded of.

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