Orlando Shooting: Maaten was a Gay shooting other Gays for reasons we don’t know, he’s neither a bigoted nor an ISIS Fighter.

No matter how much the culturally and politically fading away Left tries to put it on me and the other right wingers who are proudly against gay weddings and gay adoptions or on the other side they try to put it on the incredible ISIS, this time the scene of the crime is all liberated gay scene and we don’t really know why this confused young man shot.

The young man Omar Maaten was bisexual who went around gay clubs and used a gay dating app, he had a job, ironically for a security firm the G4S, a security firm related to more than one very dangerous defaillances on the side of their employees and this is why I am against outsourcing the security to private agencies, they boast about high level security and professional checks for their employees, but in reality they give the jobs to whom they like and the real standard is low. The G4S is even implied in a scandal related to transporting from the border with Mexico to the central States of the USA unchecked, unregistered immigrants, most of them OTM – other than mexicans- which may mean foreign fighters of different ethnicities and maybe islamists, given that mexicans are mainly catholics who want to live the good life in the USA, and given that Trump, who lately disappointed me dismissing Salvini, is basically right, the border with Mexico is illegally open and strange people do go up and down, maybe also smuggling weapons, helped by this private contractor G4S. The leftists who want to keep the borders open are complicit with the criminals.

I give you a link about the G4S, it’s in italian, if I have time I’ll translate it

But now I want to go back to the gay club story. What do the leftists want of me? The Right wingers are against gay weddings and gay adoptions just like they are against bullying gay people as such, I do not accept selling or giving children to a gay couple just the same for the baby’s and child’s interests and I am firmly against pushing the gender anthropology, so forget about using this intra-gay shooting against me and for once, I don’t believe even ISIS’s got really a big part in it, the shooter was a confused young man living in two worlds contemporary and we don’t know what happened in that gay club that shocked him. Gay people are “normal” people, the fact that they are gay doesn’t mean they like everything, a gay acquaintance of mine was raped it’s not that if you’re gay another gay can do anything he, or they, want, and in these gay club promiscuity can become orgiastic, in the orgy, also in the heterosexual orgy rape is common and in fact many people who participate are on drugs, to be drunken being not enough. You must admit what happened happened inside a lefty “liberated” ambient, the very fact that the shooter named Allah while shooting means only that he is a confused human being, but not an average ISIS fighter, the very fact that Rita Katz says that ISIS told her Site it was them is another reason why I find it hard to believe it, Rita Katz is a liar, this privileged relationship with ISIS is ridiculous for a zionist, it’s more likely that Israel uses her to give the sheep misinformation and not that ISIS or the muslim integralists use really an israeli jew to communicate with the world. And it’s not my problem really if there is always the fingerprint of Israel on it.

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