The “smooth” UNICEF and the people who claim refugee children must be brought to Britain from France and then re-unite with the families are exposing children in Africa and Asia to be smuggled to Europe to be used as an anchor. The No-Borders disgust me. End of.

Rather creepy good ones.

Many will die, but the no-borders don’t care, they are no-borders not save the children, their problem is to pull down the borders among nations and they use children as a means and as a shield. France is not a poor country with no government, though, instead of pressing France into putting these children in safe ambients- given that they are really children and not children like in Sweden where blokes pass illegally as children- they call for Britain to take them and then to call their families from Africa and Asia for the re-unification, in Britain, not in Africa or Asia, obviously.

At the UN they love children like Disney: they are paedophiles who use children basically to make money and there are continuous claims of presence of paedophiles around in the studios. After the death of Walt Disney who was probably a good guy, the Disney, like the UNICEF is strongly rumoured to have been taken over by paedophiles. If I had a child I would never allow him anywhere near a Disney studio, Britney Spears is rumoured again to have been sexually abused at the Disney Club which is part of the reasons of her mental breakdown, they say. The UNICEF, like the FAO has lost completely reputation; now they want to use children to break down nation borders, if you take the child from France to Britain, which doesn’t make sense, I can’t see why the child shouldn’t be helped in France, and then do the family re-unification, more children in Africa and Asia will be smuggled on the boats towards Europe and then to reach Calais, because the italian government, what’s left of it, doesn’t do any identification or repatriation, the babies are used as an anchor by the adults who want to emigrate to Britain and as a photo-opportunity to show off that they the no-borders are good, while anyone can understand that some of same children are drowned  and some others are being ill treated or even sexually abused by the ever more enriching themselves smugglers and the other “refugees”. But who cares? The UNICEF or Disney? Are you kidding me? It’s chilling what the no-borders  are doing.

I have got to say this: the latest UNICEF campaign to ask money on facebook is the most vulgar fundraising campaign I’ve ever come across, these are people who live with the money of the donations, without them around draining money from the donations for themselves and their wages and their perks the poor would be richer, we should give the money directly to the government of the states where there are these poor people to help them build regular hospitals, UNICEF and NGOs have become a racket. I don’t give money to any UN association or doctors without borders, they take half of the money for themselves and call for more, I can’t stand this vulgarity:

I positively hate these people. It is a racket.


Brexit and Gove & Johnson new immigration and refugee policy will give a big blow also to this continuous immoral helping the human trafficker. Cameron, at least about this not participating in anything that constitutes a pull factor should resist, maybe it’s one of the few things about which he’s still right. Yvette Cooper, like all the leftists who push for this more-smuggling-de-facto-effect, is a criminal.

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