Britain doesn’t need a norwegian style trade deal: Britain wants the full rights to shut the door and pick and choose the immigrants. And it can get it. Because it is a strong Counterpart.

You don’t do this revolution to end up with the lefty socialists say: “you see? you couldn’t stop immigration.”. Norway is Norway, but Britain, with the big trade deficit with the EU it’s got, it is a strong counterpart. The globalists cannot and must not be allowed to water down the result, they know the people of Britain want to pick and choose the immigrants so, actually, no EU-given right to free circulation everywhere.


I’m not saying that only rich, beautiful and super smart foreigners can come to Europe, but really we do need to pick and choose  a bit, uncontrolled mass immigration is destroying Europe and we have the right and the duty to  keep it, and, in some places, make it back, a safe place for us westerners.

Britain is a strong counterpart that buys a lot and in my opinion outside the European Union will sell more, also Italy outside the European Union would produce and export much more for many reasons.The EU is not a bargain for the europeans. Lately Juncker was reproached by someone, someone quite obscure, for trying to relax our relationship with Russia, which is a good thing that I approve, on our territory a misled NATO is provoking the russian into a real WWIII that good Juncker wants to avert, like me and like, for once we agree, Mogherini; I tell you like this dear readers, the israelis and the masons are trying to use us like they did with the americans: they want us to make the interests of Israel instead of our own, which thing we won’t do. The americans did a war against Iraq, a war against Libya and a covered up war against Assad on behalf of Israel through the american jewish neocons, a sect tout court, we are not going to a war on behalf of third parties, the EU is a means by Henry Kissinger, the american masons and the israeli lobby to make us do things contrary to our own interests beginning with accepting millions of immigrants in the name of “amnesty”‘s human rights, amnesty being just a communist association. For me they can die of rage, I don’t do any war against Putin and Assad is the legitimate President of Syria. And the immigration must be dealt with with a pick and choose method, because we do it for us, not for the rest of the world. If they like our culture, which include christianity they can adopt it, if not, they can live it outside Europe. I’m sorry for Juncker, and also Mogherini, lately I thought they must feel somewhat trapped, this is not the EU we wanted, it’s late to restore it basically because the masons, I’ll never be tired of saying it, masons led by israelis, Rothschild, Soros and De Benedetti, well, these despicable people making collapse the greek and italian borders have made Brexit and the successive exits of the other countries necessary and necessary soon, ’cause we haven’t got all time, they must do it now, on the 23rd of current June. I would like to say “it’s been a pleasure”, unfortunately, if we want to build some international european collaboration we must do it outside the israeli masonic american cap of the EU. That’s it.

We’ll say a big mass in a dome, invite Putin and waltz at the reception, that’s european culture, not burquini and gay parades, that’s jewish israeli marxist one.

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