Britain is a protestant country, that’s probably why it’ll leave; because deep inside they know that to cut ties with a wrong institution is better than to stay.


The project fear turned into project lies and now even project blackmail: if you don’t stay, we won’t give you your pensions. With a vulgar image of an empty wallet on Osborne’s Twitter Profile. Great.

Come on, after years of Austerity if you stay, now poverty if you Leave. This is the politician who raised so much university fees that only rich guys can go to university, now, after doing cuts to the public services he’s even threatening: “if you don’t obey me I leave you without pensions”. Iain Duncan Smith or John Redwood would make better Chancellors than Osborne. Sack him instead of staying where he tells you to stay, where do you think you’re staying? You should stay deep inside the austerity project and keep the actual hated governing class that makes you think the choice is between austerity and poverty, no right to have the “better change”. Iain Duncan Smith is catholic while Osborne is protestant but apart from the personal choices of the leavers and remainers I still have the perception that the “country” UK is protestant: they don’t like the big institution half corrupted, hypocritical but that stays there for “peace in the world and the love of Mary” and for that you should get on your knees and kiss the slipper of the Pope, for peace in the world? They’ll cut the tie. And they’ll probably be right.

Britain is not scared of the change, they like the change, they were taught ever since they are children that the change is better, the catholic church and the EU are similar, what are the remainers doing? Calling people who should be considered an “authority” like the pope or the priests to tell people right in the face: “you are too ignorant to understand the Bible by yourselves, the people who know better, like a father, will tell you what to do, be humble, Jesus is the Prince of humility, even if the priests are corrupted and if in Rome the pope is a pig who does satanic orgies (they did them, and this is italian history) the sacraments are valid the same, be humble, pray, and don’t look for more. You have to kiss the slipper of the pope (this is history, again) ? Kiss the slipper of the pope,  because the pope represents God and knows better, and then the Virgin Mary wants it…” Now they seem to have substituted the pope with the IMF and Christine Lagarde who’ll tell you and Ambrose Evans-Pritchard and Paul Craig Roberts and me and Mervyn King -ex director of the Bank of England btw – and economists like John Redwood that we are too ignorant, at the IMF they know better, in fact we could see how they reduced Greece and southern Europe these people who “know better” and how the euro has become a currency for the handicapped economies these people who know better. And if you don’t do what we say and want your independence and dare and leave you’ll be excommunicated and will go to hell “extra ecclesiam nulla salus” – from latin: “outside the church there’s no health” meaning the “catholic church” – has become “outside the EU there’s no prosperity”. It is untrue as it was untrue and we’ve got the guts to lead our way.

According to Cameron’s project fear and leap in the dark theory Britain should have never got protestant and it would have remained suffocated like Spain and Italy. I truly believe that the upper freemasonry above the EU and the infamous IMF is a mix of jewish-jesuitic elements. But Britain as a country is neither jewish nor jesuitic. It’s protestant, they ‘ll leave and they’ll prosper.

Britain was the first country to legalize divorce, it is just not in the mood of the country to drag on things that don’t work. Either you’re a leader, you go for the first and the others follow or you consider yourself a handicapped person in constant need of a supposedly superior entity to protect you and tell you what to do.

Sack Osborne and Cameron and substitute them with Gove, Johnson, Redwood, Longsworth instead, I want to see how poor you’ll remain. And Leave is Leave: do not accept half way deals, not even like Norway because you have to shut the border and to choose who can come and who can stay in the UK, without Brussels telling you; take back the control over the birth right and the right to give or not the british nationality or residency to whom you britons like, not to whom Christine Lagarde and Brussels try to “impose” to you, otherwise you would be accepting to be a “castrated” country, an ox instead of a bull, a country that has no children of his own and must accept other people’s children and cannot even educate them the way it likes. So you don’t even need the Norwegian deal, you’ll cut the tie and you will allow other countries precisely what they allow you to do with trade, I want to see the Brussels human rights bureaucrats who cannot even send away illegal immigrants and apply the australian immigration law at the borders of Italy and Greece, because they’re scared of hell, while the only way for an insular and a peninsular country to survive is the australian law -we don’t pick them up, it’s their fault, it’s not our fault etc.- well I want to see them arm-wrestling with Britain. Holland, another protestant country just said they’re going to strike an independent free trade deal with the UK or they’d lose 10 billions in trade with Britain. It’s the EU that will collapse. And anyway, may I tell you something? When I was in Germany I wanted to watch an ice-hockey first division match, it was very interesting and entertaining, also very quick: it’s the opposite of boring, well, one of the choir sang: “wir wollen euch kämpfen sehen” – “I wanna see you fight”.

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