Strache and Hofer are heroes of Democracy: no one must think they can rig the elections and get away with it. We are making Right Wing Politicians win, and you know why, and we want them in control of the Institutions.

HoferStrache The leftists, all too often, think to be “superior” to the law. In Italy, France and Britain they teach the clandestine immigrants how to lie to the state authority, how to destroy their documents to try to be given the refugee treatment even when they’re economic immigrants, in Austria they moralized so much about their values, but now there are mathematical evidences the elections were rigged. In Britain Simon Heffer in the article with a title I quote by heart “Why Cameron is transforming Britain in a Banana Republic” said people in Britain, UK, are scared the remainers rig the result of the referendum to avoid Brexit. Now, we are talking about Austria and Britain, first class democracies, in Britain and Austria, in Europe and in reality all across the world the rigged elections must not, must never be accepted. There are italian commentators, like Blondet who are accusing Merkel and Schaeuble to be attacking Mario Draghi to cover their own devastating mistakes about the refugee policy; the german CDU’s politicians dare and say it’s Draghi’s and the ECB’s fault if far right parties are taking over; everybody knows it’s Merkel’s anti Dublin Treaty policy, the so called open arms policy that’s propping up the Right instead, but they try to find another to blame and they think they found Draghi. They know the Right Wing is on the rise because of the breach of the Dublin Treaty by Merkel, Tsipras and Renzi and for once, the ECB is innocent, they know they can have Marine Le Pen President of France and we cannot and will not tolerate “rigged elections in the name of the lefty values”, we Right wingers are defending the West and Democracy, the leftists are drunk, it’s not my fault. I stated and repeat: if the Right wins democratically it must be given the control of the institutions, just like if Brexit wins the UK it’s outside the EU. Strache and Hofer must be supported and applauded, no one must think they can rig the elections and get away with it. Freemasonry teaches its adepts that to lie to the non masons is nothing wrong, but if they rig the elections they must be arrested and the real winner, the man or woman chosen by the citizens must have the place the citizens put him into. I am against mass immigration and I’m not the only one, we support right wingers, when we win, our candidates must be given the control of our institutions, it’s not isolated people Hofer and Strache, we’re all, but the few leftists, more than fed up with the invasion of immigrants and the political correctness, we made them win and we want them in power. We are fed up with the Left, get over it.

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