The EU system is already crumbling down, The Netherlands makes clear it cannot afford high tariffs with Britain and it’s inclined to strike independent trade deal with the UK. Come on…

DutchMinister From The punitive position of stupid Hollande, which doesn’t mean France, is already blocked by the Dutch, among the richest in Europe who don’t want tariffs and punitive methods after Brexit not to lose the money of the free trade with Britain, the UK is safe, the EU deserve the total collapse punishment. I am happy, because I hate them for what they did to Italy and Greece and because they made Berlusconi fall and gave us three idiots we italians don’t want as Prime Ministers: Mario Monti, Enrico Letta and now the human trafficker Matteo Renzi. Shut down, EU, and learn how to respect people. I love The Netherlands. Yes, trade freely with Britain.

Brexit would hit the Dutch economy too hard: report

The Netherlands stands to lose up to €10 billion in trade if Brits vote to leave the EU.

“Losses for the Netherlands would be highest if the U.K. and the EU do not strike a free trade agreement, but decide to trade within the frame of the World Trade Organization, according to the report.

…countries that will suffer highest GDP losses include Ireland, Belgium and Luxembourg, the report says: “There is a relatively large amount of trade between these countries and the UK, and they will be hit the hardest by the trade restrictions that would follow a Brexit.

Since the Dutch economy is deeply intertwined with the British one, the Netherlands would have an interest in negotiating a free trade agreement with the U.K. to reduce trade barriers and lower the cost of Britain’s break up with the Union.” Source

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