Recycling Project Fear: Norway lied to, word by word, the same as the Britons when they had to choose whether to join the EU or not. Truly impressive, watch the video.


Norwegians were told by the europhiles the same things, word by word, before the referendum to choose whether to join or not the EU, luckily they decided not to join and their economy is flourishing and they’ve got a tremendously powerful position in the world if you consider that the country is big but not very populated. Word by word the same things, it’s impressive.

I have to write down some of the content of this video, because the lies, written down are more impressive; they didn’t screw their brain particularly the europhiles, they took an already written, already used and already failed script;

Project Fear- Norway:

Interviewer: “They told people to have fear to stay outside the EU.”

Anne Beathe Tvinnereim, former State Secretary and norwegian ministry of local government and regional development says:

“That was a technique that was being used, by the yes side in 1994. They told us we would lose 50.000 jobs nearly overnight if we didn’t join and the fishery would lose out tremendously and all the sectors would be ruined economically if we didn’t say yes – that sounds more like blackmail than a trading pact proposal Ed. Notes – and obviously that didn’t happen….

…The ordinary people in the streets need to feel confident and they must have a knowledge about the facts because otherwise it’s easy to be blown…

…they told us that we would be locked outside the world, that we would become an outside country no one would listen to, it would be a sort of non existent in the international community – the same as Cameron’s little England Ed. Notes-, that innovation, competence and business would lose out, I mean it’s not as if we’re no longer part of the international community and also, you know, the international community sees us more than the EU, that’s also easily forgotten.”

Heming Olaussen, head of the “No to EU” Organisation Norway says:

“They really lied, they really exaggerated as much as they could…said we would lose hundred thousands jobs – see Osborne Ed. Notes – nobody would invest in Norway, the interests’s rates would go to the skies, we would be isolated, nobody would speak to us – this is childish Ed. Notes – I mean they said all those kind of things which have proved false, all of them, because norwegian economy has really gone to the top after 1994 investments, interests rates low, we have the lowest unemployment rate in Europe, so this was all false and happily enough they didn’t reach the majority with those lies, and I call them lies.”

Yes, I also call them lies. Someone is going to lose their reputation if they don’t calm down. I am convinced the Britons will exit and Britain will become one of the truly most powerful countries in the world; look at what the norwegians could do without Brussels dictating them the wrong rules. Italy is being ruined and not only by the eurozone membership, but also by the Maastricht Treaty and by the silly and castrating quota/sanction system that suffocates the true qualities of the country, the quota sanction system is against free trade and competition: if you can sell more because people want to buy your product and not other people’s products, why should you produce less? The EU system is stiff and wrong, outside the EU a lot of countries prosper more.

I’d like to add something, but it’s all so clear any further comment would be superfluous. You will vote Leave, won’t you?

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