Why don’t people simply stop pretending they’re “scandalized” at Nigel Farage’s assertions? Everybody knows he’s true. Shut the borders and control the incomers or you’ll end up like Koeln.

Farage is right and I’m fed up; everybody in Germany and Sweden knows it, try not to make the same mistake and stop your false pruriginous attitude towards Nigel Farage and what he says; you may need to go at the central station of a big town and you may not like being touched over or even raped by men who never saw a free woman in their lives, because for them she’s not “free”, she’s “at disposal”, because in their countries or their families their mommy told them so: “she’s a bitch who goes around” or have I got to be clearer? Angela Merkel should be arrested for the crime of letting a million men unchecked in her Country, and her booklet about sex does nothing or maybe very little: a country that does not control immigration properly is not a civilized country, you must control and be able to select who can in and who can stay. Stop. Otherwise you’re not good, you’re just not fit to rule; the EU is thirdworldizing Europe, in the hope that a third-worldized Europe would give citizenship’s rights away and would accept the rule of the “Commission” out of neccessity for the fear of the chaos created. By luck, or by God’s mercy the opposite is happening and now their self created refugee crisis and the chaos will luckily, hopefully bring Brexit and, sorry if I say it like this, they, eurocrats and europhiles, will take it in the bottom. Stop pretending you don’t understand what Farage means, we are fed up of being lectured particularly about immigration, which is, in the form promoted by the no-border EU, not “controlled immigration with people checked and selected” prized if they behave properly and sent away if they don’t, no it is a vulgarity that no decent state can ever accept: mass, uncontrolled immigration where every foreigners a bit dark skinned should receive the treatment of a war refugee without checks of any kind and if he lies or he’s sent away the ECJ blocks the deportation because behind this there are Soros, Rothschild, the Bilderberg that want no more and no less to use the masses of immigrants to crash down our States, we know it and we do not intend to pretend we don’t, so get over it: we don’t want it, do the Brexit and put the Bilderbergers in their right place: the dustbin of history and/or jail.

Brexit, do me this favour and elect Farage Prime Minister.

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