After Brexit the Britons will have to go hunting and fishing if they want to bring something home for dinner. But that’s sexist, so Cameron will have to send Samantha, that’s why he doesn’t want to Leave.

hunting2 Hard life after Brexit. Britain will be so cut off everything and every market that counts that the Britons better buy a rifle and a fishing pole to go hunting and fishing if they want to bring something home for dinner. Only the feminists, who won’t be emigrated to Brussels the paradise, paradise full of uncontrolled terrorists btw, will have to fight to prohibit male britons to do so and will pass a law through Harriet Harman that makes it obligatory that’s the woman of the house to go fishing/hunting otherwise men, in the new Middle Age to come after Leave, may raise their heads too much. That’s why Cameron doesn’t like it, he may have to send Samantha fishing. Since the Volkswagen won’t sell its cars to the Britons anymore, they’ll have to go back riding if they want to move from a town to another, the aristocrats will have an advantage for that, as usual, we all know Osborne is a modern guy, he doesn’t like these things and can’t go riding that’s the secret reason he opposes Brexit. Someone will survive, but there will be depopulation for natural selection. Though think about this: without Brussels regulations at least you’ll be able to fish as much as you like in your own waters. Immigrants won’t go to Britain anymore because it would be too poor and without welfare. What else? who knows?

I’ll be happy as a happy italian inside the happy eurozone, I’ll come to Britain as a super-rich tourist and will overspend in the, now cheap, London superluxury hotels, the eurozone is the kingdom of economic boost as everybody can see… So the EU is like a Mafia gang, you can avoid entering and thriving outside, like Norway, Switzerland and Australia etc. but once you’re in, you cannot exit or they kill you. I had told you it is a sect…it does look like a sect, doesn’t it? Exit the same, we eurozone europeans will help you with foreign aid, I promise.

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