Draghi: Eurozone goes under if Britain leaves. So the euro survives only if a Country that does not adopt it bails it out? Yes, then Leave.

One may ask why these people don’t listen to Marine Le Pen, very intelligent woman, what did she say? she said: “The EU is like Soviet Union, but it won’t last that long”. Soviet Union and not the third Reich because it is a total failure “economically” and keeps alive the wrong economic system, Communism for Soviet Union, against all evidences and until it just collapses, without making it stop not even one day before the collapse even if they are continuously warned.

Precisely. Now Draghi informs us, after torturing Greece and warning us that Italy and Spain are on the same path of Greece, well, he informs us that the tool of the torture, aka the eurozone: the Iron Maiden for countries, needs british money to be oiled. If the Britons don’t give the EU the money the ECB will have to stop and shut down the torture chamber. Britons, think about me and how much I love british language and the refined part of your culture; of course it is better if they stop, particularly they said next after Greece, and with Greece they haven’t finished yet, comes either me -ok Italy- or Spain. Won’t you really let them stop? Darlings? Let it shut down that eurozone thing.

ECB says Euro could go under with Brexit

Remember this, Britons, Left-wing and Right-wing, the most important thing in this whole shame story is that the EU does not give your money to the poor greeks but to the creditor banks, so you are not helping the poor, you are helping the german banks going on sucking european taxpayers’ money for themselves, because they are doing the banks’s bailout not the Greece-State’s bailout – which is, they say, impossible – and moreover, after being bailed-out themselves the banks, they do not give any debt relief to the greeks, so to be able to do the final “looting”;

The same banks did the wrong investments, suck 95% of the money of the bailout, do not concede any debt relief and want to buy for nothing, for ridiculous prices, the best assets of Greece: ports, airports, prestigious buildings…

This is what they the EU and the ECB stand for, this is what they’re asking you to participate to and you know it.

So they, instead of closing down the eurozone, intend to go on like this: keeping the dysfunctional – dysfunctional, some people say on purpose to allow the banks doing the looting – eurozone alive also with british money, allowing countries to make debts, then bailing out exclusively the banks and then allowing the banks to buy for ridiculous prices the best assets of that country and leave the people of that country in poverty. And you should help them?

I beg your pardon: they are robber banks, and all the eurocrats and europhiles talking about “peace in the world” either they are mentally retarded and don’t understand this, which is very difficult btw because they know things in detail, or they really disgust me because other than being immoral they’re also very hypocritical.

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