Month: June 2016

Is there a connection between Renzi’s policy of taking african immigrants and Rothschild/Elkann’s attempt to legalize FGM? While the EU, till it exists, denies the problem. Brexit must be active.

Rothschild and Elkann are main bilderbergers who push for open borders, not around their own properties anyway, at Elkann’s sister in law’s wedding boats couldn’t get near 10 kilometers from the coast of the “private” island where the marriage was… Read More ›

A second Brexit Referendum has got no meaning, new General Elections where the citizens can vote the brexit politicians would have a meaning. But Cameron must trigger chapter 50 now. British butchers already use pounds and ounces.

A second brexit referendum in my opinion is not meaningful, add that without Jo Cox’s murder probably the Leave campaign would have won at least 55% against 45%, add that many brexiteers felt intimidated and accused of being far right… Read More ›