First Brexit, then nationalizing the Rothschild Bank; by the time Prince William is King, Israel is a british protectorate and it works more decently.

The leftists must understand they must Brexit too. First, all the power back to Westminster, then a Labour government Corbyn-Livingstone nationalizes the Rothschild bank and Scotland Yard arrests definitely, really, the senior members of the family. No one man must have back all that power, the members of the family not arrested cannot reclaim it. A family cannot, must not be given a level of power that enslaves or damages or is a threat towards the State. It is good if in France the french police and the main representative of the french State do the same with the french branch of the family. Possibly no guillotine, but jail.

Israel, the little hyena, is dependent from the Rothschild bank, at that point becomes a british protectorate again. By the time William is King.

First Brexit.

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