Greece in the Nutcracker (in the position of the nut) between Germany’s greedy banks and Turkey, with the blessing of the evil EU, it has turned to Putin to exit. And Putin will help her.

PutinTsiprasGreece wants the lift on the sanctions against Russia, like me btw, but the bad ones in Brussels said “no”. I don’t believe they really care about economy, what they do is economically wrong and moreover in Ukraine, let’s tell the truth the russian majority wanted to stay with Russia. Also in Ulster the protestant majority wants to stay with the UK. Accept it. Not only in Crimea, but also in Greece are sick and tired of the inefficiency and ineptitude of the EU, the Greeks are inclined towards the russian empire that would treat them better, much better than the pompous but powerless EU.

The Greeks find themselves into a nutcracker in the position of the nut. The greedy german banks want the money back, the 95% of the money of the bailout go to the banks, the EU prohibits to sell the greek products to the russian market, Turkey menaces to start again sending masses of thugs/refugees to them and the pseudo-phylantropic associations and NGOs like Amnesty International intend to give a hand to prevent the repatriations, like this sorry for the language, Greece is fucked. They turned to Putin and the old good boy will help them, it seems incredible to some people that the bad ones are on the side of the EU but it is clearly like this, to Lord Owen a pitiless eurocrat said: “We all know the eurozone will collapse, but we shouldn’t take responsibility for it” no, why should you take responsibility? If Germany relieved entirely, totally the debt the situation could change and if the refugee crisis were stopped with or without Erdogan either, but we don’t see anything like this. I hope it is a brighter future outside of the EU for Greece, Putin is a powerful ally who didn’t want the hostility towards the West, he’s being provoked in any way and didn’t even respond. He’s the only one who can contain Turkey. And Greece wouldn’t be bullied anymore. Be careful, ’cause the nutcracker for Greece is already in action. Brexit as usual may give a hand to break down the evil Germany dominated institutions of Brussels. Do you know what? I heard on a train a professor of the University of Cosenza saying the recession, the deindustrialization, the crisis were all organized on purpose to have in southern Europe the same conditions of work they usually had in China and want to force the workforce to accept Chinese conditions of work and wages, the “good” EU did this, therefore the de-industrialization and the obsession of taking immigrants; he was shocked, but he said they told him, plainly at a conference for University Professors of economics.

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