Of Course if there is Brexit the Britons will be able to control immigration. Technically, at that point it would be all Westminster’s fault or merit.

Brexit-Image-980x817 I like the word “technically”, now explain to me, if there is Brexit, how technically Britain wouldn’t be able to control immigration just the same as some desperate remainers try to sell: because this is peddling.

If there is Brexit, all the power will repatriate to Westminster/Whitehall/Buckingham Palace; and High Court of Justice, british High Court, not Luxembourg’s, british High Court that will have to apply the laws written and approved in the House of Commons and of Lords and signed by the Queen Monarch, all laws, laws about trade, laws about kettles and laws about immigration/emigration, punishment for rapists: all. Tell me why it’ ll be impossible to cut net migration just the same. Free movement is a price to pay to be a partner of the EU, but the people foreigners, italian, french etc. won’t have the same rights as the british citizens anymore, this means that the UK can keep the benefits system for the british citizens, but without giving the out of work benefits to foreigners, what I mean is you can do like Switzerland, good wages, active immigrants who integrate, no jobseekers’ allowance but all the labour rights respected, so you Britons would have foreigners, but only of two types: tourists and workers, all the rest you haven’t got to maintain them or keep them in Britain anymore, whatever the choice you choose in Westminster if you want more, less, what kind, it won’t be an EU given right anymore, in Brussels they want to decide what the countries have to do with their own money: they give people rights at the country’s expenses as if they had a God given right to do so. It’s an impressive luck that you can leave before the collapse.

Tourists usually are welcome, they just bring money, pour money into the country, the other category “workers” it’ll be the british based firms who’ll decide whom to hire and they would do the selection towards efficient, active immigrants, while now, I don’t want to be offensive, but now in Britain you’ve got the so called lazy ones, because of the benefits system. It’s different. Moreover, if you just sell to the European Union, without being a partner, you are not affected not even by the free movement at personal expenses of the free mover. The less ties you’ve got with Brussels the better, the freer, the faster.

What about Juncker’s mafia style threat that the deserters won’t be welcomed back?

He’s bluffing. Because he can only bluff. Italian producers have hardly digested the russian embargo, an eventual “embargo” against british products they would not tolerate it, this would mean we cannot sell italian products to Britain, can you see it as a reality? Because the embargo is always two ways, not one way only.

What they don’t say, behind the bluff is that their cards are not good at all: the eurozone is heading towards a european third world situation, third world maybe not but Argentina surely, in Greece they are cashless and the other mediterranean states are heading towards the same condition and their so called “ruling” class still haven’t got an exit strategy, Finland is performing badly, it was richer before joining the eurozone, Germany blocking your goods to Germany and accept not to sell to you brits? They would just get poorer. You can Brexit as much as you like, get over it. It’s the EU that’s risking such a backlash, such an all-free-from-the-claws effect that may kill it completely, and that wouldn’t be bad. This consideration comes from the idea that at a certain point, either the EU doesn’t punish Britain or Germany and Italy to keep the british market would leave and told Juncker “it’s enough we had to do without the russian market, without the british market we cannot stay”. It would collapse anyway. The EU. After what they did to Greece and what they try to do with Italy, they deserve it. After meddling with perfectly respectable politicians, such as Hofer or Boris Johnson or Trump, after disrespecting “our” Berlusconi, I voted Forza Italia, what was I supposed to vote? The party of clandestine immigration and gay weddings? They disrespected us italian citizens so much it is said they even turned down through the italian high level masons, the president of the Republic Giorgio Napolitano, the democratic government we italian citizens the sovereign people by definition of the Italian Constitution had elected. We decide the government, not Juncker or Merkel. Fall and enjoy the fall, crash down. You britons don’t believe me? Go to a supermarket and see how many italian products there are in there, make a stroll on a high street and count the Prada and Gucci shops. No one wants to lose the money, Juncker is not the only one, we’ll sell on to Britain, great market, and you’ll sell to Italy, I believe for Germany is the same.

Question: why Cameron is obsessive with Remain, then?

Because Cameron belongs to the group of people, near Rothschild and the israeli lobby that wanted the russian embargo, that we didn’t like, so when he says “we’ll lose power of influence” maybe he means everyone will do the embargoes only if they want to, the same embargo and labelling of products, won’t be decided by the EU anymore. Every country will decide for itself and it will get richer. This is what the little group of globalists don’t want. Apropos, have you noticed that the Telegraph hasn’t given the news of the rigged elections against the Right wing candidate in Austria, while the austrian judges are investigating and are not making the due fuss about the Netanyahu-Lieberman militarist government? while overstating instead that a neonazi in Germany did a roman salute. The row about antisemitism has made a lot of people careful, is the roman salute worse than extrajudicial killings and capital death only for the arabs and not for the jews in the same condition? Are they scared of being accused like Ken Livingstone? Rothschild, father of Israel and the israeli lobby still have a grip on some british journalists, but they’ll lose it, because Lieberman is rogue, he’s stupid basically. A nation cannot allow  soldiers the extrajudicial killings, soldiers can shoot and kill only in a gun fight for self defence, if the criminal, terrorist or else, is defenseless on the floor they must arrest him, and put him on a trial and also giving him an advocate. Lieberman is not at this level. And today another minister, Avi Gabbay, resigned. I understand them, it’s starting getting very embarrassing…

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