It’s untrue we have no choice about immigration: vote Brexit and then vote right wing anti-immigration, pro-repatriation politicians. This is the choice. And in Austria Hofer won, the left rigged the election, I expect Austria to name the real president, we don’t want mass immigration. Jews and leftists shut up.


A link about mass immigration to Britain on the Telegraph on-line: it’s a pitiful situation where everybody knows that the Britons need Brexit and after Brexit a right wing anti-immigration, pro-repatriation government, they must vote Farage or only the right wing Tories. It’s untrue that the situation is unrescuable only because Rothschild the jew, israeli and I’m talking about Jacob Rothschild and the cousin Evelyn, who scandalously pay extreme lefty pro mass immigration journalists, politicians and activists in Britain, set up an anti-right wing campaign in Europe, with their stupid rabbis showing photographs of the shoah and then give billions through their foundation to the state of Israel which is a state that’s passing literally race-laws, that means there’s written on the law that the same punishment, easy death penalty, does not apply to the jews while it does apply to the arabs in the same situation. That’s the jews, that’s the holocaust, that’s the marxist jewish-led left. Judaism is a wrong religion because it teaches that the jews are chosen by God and puts them at a superior level than the others, it teaches racism in the secret rooms.

Do the opposite of what Rothschild says, he wants you to vote left? vote right. He wants you to remain in the EU? All his minions , who in fact work for a bank, say so, and you vote Brexit. He tells Farage is unvotable? Vote Farage, even BNP, if it weren’t that the BNP are a small group of idiots, independently from Rothschild.

It’s untrue you have no choice. You have a choice, you can and must win, Rothschild wants you to feel powerless, don’t give in. Vote Brexit and then very right wing and put an end to this destruction of Europe through immigration.

Immigration must be controlled, but you the citizens must control it, it hasn’t got to be an uncontrollable flood and you know you must Brexit. No matter what Osborne and Cameron say.

Jacob Rothschild, is the chairman of the Rothschild Foundation and Yad Hanadiv, the Rothschild family foundation operating in Israel that funded the building of the Knesset, Israel’s parliament. The organization is currently involved in the renewal of Jerusalem’s National Library of Israel.

The same jewish billionaire bankers who lead, support, promote the multicultural left and the destruction of european culture and mass immigration from Islam in Europe and USA are the people who give billions to Israel, are the jews who built Israel: they hate you really. Israel is the country where there are different laws for arabs and jews or different treatment de facto. They gave ten years jail to a palestinian who had sex with a jewish woman pretending to be a jew, now the Lieberman-Netanyahu government wants capital death sentences for the arabs only. These are the people who tell you to be invaded by immigrants and take the refugees and did the hell against Strache, Hofer, Farage and all the right wingers who do our own interests, also in Italy, same pattern, the israeli jew who leads the italian pro immigration left and tries to criminalize the Right is Carlo DeBenedetti.

Cameron and Osborne are friends with Rothschild, Mandelson, Peter, works for them, Tony Blair filled Britain with immigrants on their behalf and last but certainly not least they did a series of terror attacks, included 9/11 and are involved with ISIS, if they didn’t directly found it to take Assad the Golan, they smear Putin because they don’t control him and would like to drag us in a WWIII against Russia. Disobey them, do the opposite of what they want and if they call you antisemitic don’t give a damn about them, tell them they deserve it. Tell them in the face: “yes, it’s you who are wrong not me, you deserve the despise people feel for you.”

Let’s go to Austria, Hofer won the elections, the result was rigged in more than one constituency, in one constituency 149% of the voters voted, in another 589% more, the postal vote must be abolished and either Austria names Hofer as president and the people who rigged the elections are arrested or they must re do the elections. Or else Austria would become a banana republic thanks to the left.

And control the votes for Brexit.


Have you noticed how the lefty press and television doesn’t say anything about the austrian rigged elections? Slaves of freemasonry don’t talk. It’s disgusting, save your country.

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