If you are against clandestine immigration, you must suspend Frontex or retreat your country from participating. Frontex picks more immigrants it does not fight against the smugglers.

Frontex-TrustThere is something I can’t stand peculiarly of Renzi: he says one thing and does another; he says he’s europhile and does not respect Maastricht, he convinced the stupid italian parliament to finance Frontex as a mean to fight human traffickers and he uses it to pick up more immigrants, he’s a strict collaborator of the human traffickers; whatever he says is a lie, whatever he writes and signs he does not respect it: Italy is plunged into recession and he says our economy is the best, Florence, Naples, Rome all towns administered by Renzi’s party, Florence was administered by himself till two years ago, they are corrupt, falling apart, plunging, literally, not metaphorically, even dirty, you could see it on the press: this is Renzi, this the italian left. The liars and moralists.

Through Frontex – related apparently, again, to the open society of George Soros – the liar does not fight against clandestine immigration and human smuggling, no he picks as many immigrants as possible, sending even airplanes to search for more, there are the drowned ones, but there are also the ones he manages to pick up and bring to Italy, a baby orphan of the mother who died drowned and probably killed by the other clandestine immigrants on board we should take as refugees is already shown off as a sign of “italian welcoming good culture”, the culture that brought her mother to try the journey and let her orphan, now she is a trophy of Renzi “I am good, I save human lives” he tries to convince the people, the idiot. He disgusts me. Because he tries to look good when he’s the most cynical politician we’ve ever had. Even Right wing politicians were duped into voting for Frontex, because officially Frontex had to stop clandestine immigration and to fight the human traffickers: Frontex is willingly doing the opposite, against what’s written on the same papers that constitute it; if you are a honest politician and you really are against human trafficking and against clandestine immigration, stop Frontex or at least retreat your country from participating to it.

An italian right wing commentator living in London, Giuseppe DeSantis wrote about all this save and let drown, save and drown:

“If the italian government did like the ones of Switzerland and Austria, instead of going and take them it would impede the start of the journey just as the austrian and swiss armies will impede the arrivals of clandestine immigrants in their nations. The result would be that no one would die drowned in the sea anymore. But it doesn’t seem that the italian government cares. On the contrary, it seems the opposite: it seems that it considers the drowned dead ones a collateral effect, a price to pay to favour the invasion of Italy”

Source: Clamoroso, anche la Svizzera come L’Austria … 

Honestly I believe this is strictly what Renzi is doing. Stop Frontex if you don’t want to be complicit, it is evidently clandestine immigrants from Africa, not even one, strangely, is from Libya, probably they bring the babies on board on purpose to please the stupid italian and european wannabe do-gooders’s crowd.

I want to be clear about it, Italy is smuggling clandestine immigrants to Europe through Frontex, lying to the Parliament, not even one of the people who reach Italy is libyan, it is really just clandestine immigration. Just, so you know.

And I would never want to be in the same european union with a country like this. Not even with Juncker and the rest of the commission, it’s the same stuff: cynical careerists who try to look like the good ones, without succeeding particularly well. Ergo VoteLeave. Or do you think Renzi will ever keep “your borders”? This is the way the external borders of the EU are kept. The italian government with the help of the judges does the smuggler.

As an italian I would be more helped by Brexit, I say it for my country.

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