In Defence of My Antisemitic Ancestors.

While Israel is transforming itself into, technically, a third world level military republic where soldiers can – this is not an exaggeration – kill civilians in the streets, the problem of the representatives of the european jewish communities is to block the Right in Europe and USA while accusing of antisemitism the ones, left or right wing, who criticize Israel. My antisemitic ancestors would say “they are double faced, they want one rule for themselves jews and another for the others”, my antisemitic ancestors would be right, they really do it, the rabbis in Europe do the hell against us right wingers and then do support Israel and stay in Europe first of all because Israel is a shit and second to control antisemitism, they do try to destroy the careers of the ones who oppose the israelis and tell the truth. They are double faced. Tell me, between Netanyahu and Strache who’s the real war criminal? Netanyahu. He is a real war criminal, and the jewish rabbis who did the hell to block Strache, and now are happy because the FPO didn’t win, support him, how do they support him? Shutting up about his crimes and through Rothschild trying to destroy politically the ones who dare and criticise him. The situation with the jews is unbelievable; it is said widely that every secret service in the world knows that Israel organized and performed the 9/11 terror attack, and among the perpetrators there was even Ehud Barak, Netanyahu did false flag terror attacks all his life and always put the blame on the arabs and they did it to push the americans to bomb Iraq and now are sick with Obama because he doesn’t let them bomb Iran and they are supporting Hillary Clinton and doing, through their man Soros, the hell against Trump – they treat a little better Sanders because Sanders is a jew- they treat Trump like a war criminal, a “fascist”, because, if elected President, he does not want to bomb the Middle East, being clearly the definition of fascist “person who doesn’t want to bomb the Middle East”, while Hillary is “lefty” (?) because she told them she would let them/help them do it. They organized 9/11 from Israel and using as support the neocons of Paul Wolfowitz who had the double nationality – that should be abolished –  this is precisely what our antisemitic ancestors said they would do if let free and this is what they did once let free. Our antisemitic ancestors were cleverer than many people who think they are clever nowadays, in fact they built empires. They knew the jews better. I don’t accept lessons from any jew about anti racism if they don’t condemn Israel and Netanyahu. Strache is a good boy, Netanyahu and the entire israeli ruling class are criminals in the true meaning of this word.

I don’t accept this because they do not condemn Israel and keep for themselves the fucking blood right to get the israeli citizenship while Netanyahu cleans it of the arabs, they are false:


I understand our antisemitic ancestors. It’s untrue they’ve got nothing to do with Israel all these rabbis, jewish lobbyists and marxist anti-right wing leftists, they are really double faced and they really move freemasonry to destroy the anti-israeli politicians, the banker Rothschild being their cash machine. In my opinion my antisemitic ancestors were right.

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