ECB is scared of the Rise of the Right Wing Parties. Well, if the EU does not collapse we can always take it over.

Given that it is still my opinion that Brexit is better for the UK, but the Leave campaign is languishing and Remain seems to lead the polls, well if the EU does not collapse we must take over it, at the ECB in Frankfurt the headquarter of the euro-killing machine that destroyed Cyprus, Greece and weakened Spain, Italy and Portugal, they are “scared” of Strache, LePen and  the other right wing politicians.

I mean, it is clear that they at the ECB with their lethal euro have caused a level of damage that the right wing politicians never dreamt to be able to inflict – they destroyed two countries – but they go on pretending to be the good and that the Right is the danger, if they mean it’s a danger for them, probably they are right. I share this piece of information given by Daniel Hannan about the real situation in the EU, no matter what Osborne says: “When we joined in 1973, the 28 countries that now form the EU were 36% of the world economy, today they make 17% and it’s dropping virtually by the minute” watch the entire video here, this particular piece of information is at 2:40. If you want to be scared even better, I can tell you that we italians with this EU have made a sort of financial harakiri, the suicide of the kamikaze, in the mid eighties, under the socialist government of that Bettino Craxi the judges destroyed because he was against the forced Bilderberg ordered privatizations, Italy was the fifth, I say fifth economy in the world after just USA, USSR, Germany and Britain, fifth came Italy, now we are rotten, Greece and Cyprus are destroyed and Spain is on the way, Germany can earn money only and I say only if they don’t do the debt relief because if they do the debt relief it’s the german banks that will lose the money and the euro will be de facto a Transfer Union that the german don’t like, Draghi and the ECB people don’t care, they are masons, they care about they’re own private career and filling Europe with new immigrants who don’t care about democracy, but about sharia so they let them do the police state they wish faster. If they do the debt relief also Germany will have lost money with this EU and at that point the failure will be for all.

Hofer, the right winger the ECB is so scared of, said in a speech, that the Maastricht Treaty that prohibits indebtedness has not been respected, and this is evidently true, the Dublin Treaty that prohibits clandestine wandering around Europe has not been respected and that, hic stantibus rebus, he wants more power in Wien, because it’s the others, italians, greeks and strangely also the germans with Merkel’s policy. who don’t respect the signed treaties. This is the man the ECB fears, the man who brings back quotas of decisional power to Wien, and probably, the actual austrian government with all the green President of the Republic will face that Hofer is right and that at the ECB did the disaster, they’ll say it because to respect Maastricht was necessary to keep the eurozone, and to respect Dublin was necessary to keep Schengen, by now the television journalists instead of analyzing Hofer’s statements about the Dublin and the Maastricht treaties being broken and admit that this double breach has caused the two crisis, they dismiss him saying “he’s anti-EU” and “people who are poorly educated they vote him” which is frankly poor journalism, cheap beyond belief. Also Hannan is right: all the single nations before entering the EU were more prosperous than they are now, only Germany had a lot of surplus, but if they impose the debt relief to the germans they’ll lose too and maybe will kick Draghi away, even though it is clear that the eurozone is dysfunctional independently from who’s the President of the ECB and another in the place of Draghi would do little difference. If Greece exited the eurozone there could be a bit of light at the end of the tunnel, otherwise I don’t see any solution. Between Osborne and Hannan I’d trust Hannan more, but this Leave campaign is not powerful enough. Maybe Nigel Farage is true when he says: “they don’t really want to win”.

The EU is a declining economic area. Maybe it’s better if they force the debt relief so Germany would refuse to go on with the Eurozone ’cause it would be a transfer union where the germans have to pay for the debts of the others. I do support the debt relief for christian mercy, but with the pact that Greece exits the eurozone, otherwise I just don’t see the solution. They must out, they shouldn’t have got in and now, debt relief and back to another currency that fits their economy more.

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