The suspicion that the eurozone crisis and the refugee crisis are made up on purpose to force the creation of the United States of Europe is founded.

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Or else the ECB bosses and EU commissioners are total incompetent. Why the eurozone crisis and the refugee crisis are suspected to have been done on purpose to force the monstrosity of the USE – United States of Europe:

After watching the interview to Mario Monti, italian bilderberger, mason, and europhile, Monti is the person the Bilderberg chose in our place to substitute the democratically elected Berlusconi as PM, you have the strange feeling that Monti likes the crisis, that leave people poor or even dead for the sake of strengthening “Europe” which in his masonic language means “EU”. He says:

Here I’ve got a distortion about Europe, and a positive one. Europe makes steps forwards by definition with cessions of quotas of sovereignty by the national states. Now it is clear that the political power, but also the sense of belonging of the citizens to a national collectivity accept the cessions of sovereignties only when the political and psychologic cost of not doing them is superior of doing them because there is a crisis, a blown, visible crisis…” 

We can see very well the distortion, but it isn’t positive at all, Monti says moreover that the crisis has to be a grave crisis, blown, evident, like the eurozone crisis and the refugee crisis. Why many of us think seriously they are doing it on purpose? For two reasons, if it isn’t being done on purpose it would mean the bosses of the ECB and also the commissioners are totally unqualified and incompetent, because, and here Britain comes to help, Ambrose Evans-Pritchard and Lord King, former head of the Bank of England, warned that the euro was a dysfunctional currency because there was one currency and 8 countries, now one currency and even 19 countries, with 19 independent economic policies and moreover 19 different economies, but the EU people, commissioners and Co. said there would be in the future the one single country; who told them? No one, they are evidently trying to force it after, instead of before, doing the single currency. And they wanted to drag Britain into it moreover. The Bank of England said there couldn’t be one single currency not even for Scotland and England if Scotland left the UK and this is why Scotland won’t leave the UK not even after an eventual Brexit, nor the Scots will ever return alone to the EU because at that point they would have to accept the euro as a currency and that would be an idiocy, the eurozone is failing if it isn’t already failed. They’ll stay in Britain and keep the pound. When Greece was let in the eurozone every single economist with a bit of independence told the EU Greece didn’t fit, and they, at the ECB, let Greece in the eurozone the same. So they knew it and they did it the same; either they wanted the crisis or they are incompetent, because the eurozone crisis was forecast from the beginning.

The refugee crisis is a way to destroy the national ethnical identity of the countries; first of all, where’s the war? In Syria and in a part of Libya, so the only people entitled to the status of refugees are syrians and libyans, but the masons push all, every single dark skinned asian or african towards the west and don’t want to listen about sending back the non syrian and non libyan. Moreover it is noticed that Frontex picks up immigrants that without Frontex would never reach the european coasts, it is an invitation to try, and there’s another particular, that the italian PM Renzi was chosen in a very limited environment with a lot of masonic israeli ties: the PD. What was the purpose of substituting Letta with Renzi? Without elections? In the end Letta at least was an MP which Renzi scandalously wasn’t, I believe the President of the Republic, who’s another open border pro USE mason, should have never appointed Renzi in the place of Letta only because the secretariat of the PD chose him, the PD is a party it is not the Country, and many italians wouldn’t have voted it if Renzi had done the electoral campaign saying what he was about to do, the then President of the Republic, Napolitano, disgusts me, he’s a mason, a former communist, a friend of jewish boy rapists Kissinger. These are the people who are shutting down the Italian Republic. Renzi now takes immigrants like a “scafista” a human trafficker who organizes the last part of the journey.

And in Greece? In Greece they started taking the immigrants from Kos to the mainland after the economic flop, the greek refugee crisis began in July 2015 after Tsipras held the talks about the bail-outs, if Tsipras didn’t transport the immigrants from Kos to Athens or again didn’t pick them up, because they come from Turkey which is not a war zone, the war is in Syria, and it’s due to Israeli expansionist policy in the Golan, which all these masons and friends of Israel around the world, Cameron, Osborne, Renzi etc. and Sarko don’t want to say, because freemasonry punishes the people who criticize Israel, well if Tsipras did like the Maltese or Australian Prime Ministers, not to pick them up and tell them they can go back to Turkey and Africa, there wouldn’t be any refugee crisis at all. No one would ever start the journey again or very few people would try because it would be a loss of money and a useless risk. Greece did like Malta and Australia till the euro-crisis, after the talks with the ECB, IMF and Commission, Tsipras started taking the “refugees” and bringing them to the mainland, and sending them to Hungary and central Europe, before being stopped by the Macedonians the Hungarians and the Austrians. Why did he do it? Probably because he was black-mailed by the supernational, globalist Troika: either you do it or we don’t give you the money of the bail-out. Which thing the EU commission would like to do with every member state.

So, even the refugee crisis is a consequence of the eurozone crisis. Now, to make it work, they “must” make one state with one economic policy or it is not going to work at all and they are trying to use the crisis to impose it. Helped by the masons in the institutions. People who can do this they are immoral, their economic and refugee crisis produced poverty and deaths, none of them has the guts to accuse Israel for the war in Syria, they do the israeli-masonic game of blaming the white christians “it’s our fault because of our past”. I never heard a real christian saying so, this is usually the jews who talk pretending to be us, I don’t give a damn about Israel I don’t close Europe and get rid of the european culture because of the holocaust I’m not a jew and don’t pretend to be such: we must do our own interests, when we die God will send us to hell or to paradise, but not for the sins of our ancestors or grandparents, Jesus Christ said it clearly, but for our own personal sins or actions. And then there is Germany, the lion in the room. One government, would be a Germany dominated government. Can you accept this? It’s not even the germans who are trying to do so, the masons dream the government would be unelected and masonic, but Germany would impose its political will on it. Karlsruhe High Court, the one that has to decide wether to ban the NPD or not, has resorted to the solution that every EU law must be under the german Constitution, Germany is a sovereign country de facto, unlike Italy, Greece and Britain. We hang on the german Chancellor without electing him. In fact, the refugee crisis and the open borders policy and the Turkey Deal were done by Angela Merkel without asking the others, if the germans substitute her with another we’ll have to keep the other without electing him/her. It’s a mess where you have only to pray that the germans do the right thing. It’ll be a germanic empire built by the masons who seem a bit distracted. If the germans elected a right wing Chancellor he/she could order the greeks to send the refugees back where they come form or even let them drown and the greeks would do it. The real big decisions are being taken in Berlin and Frankfurt not even in Brussels: it is a mess  of monstrous proportions. Oh, and Boris, Boris doesn’t understand anything, does he? Cameron and Osborne they do.

The natural, spontaneous question is: why is this german empire open borders and multicultural instead of being racist like the germans are always suspected to be?

Answer: because Angela Merkel was being spied on for four years and now is being blackmailed by the people who spied on her, these people are masons and multiculturalist -aka jews who are taking their little revenge against the hated aryan germans- I bet ten pounds that if the next german Chancellor manages not to be spied on he’ll close the borders and send back all the refugees where they come from and if Renzi talks too much sends him to Africa together with the refugees too. And this is the best thing that can happen if the EU survives. But it is a german empire, make no mistake, Angela Merkel did everything not Juncker, so to bark against Boris Johnson is a cheap move done by ignorant people who don’t know the structure of power of the EU. Why should the jewish masons want a germanic empire? Because they think, through blackmail and spies to always be able to control it and directing it the way they managed to do with Angela. It is instead not so given for granted that the next German Chancellor will be black-mailable or that people won’t forgive him/her for the sake of having a policy that favours them instead of favouring the immigrants. This is why the masons are in a hurry of filling Europe with new “europeans” because the next german chancellor, not chosen or blackmailed by them would probably kick everybody out and go strolling on a ChristKindlMarket for Saint Lucy’s day eating a roll of bread with sausages. I would rather forgive him than have him/her blackmailed. The german police and secret services must be very careful about protecting their authorities, and their citizens, from being spied on. Same goes obviously also for the rest of us.

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